ALMA Calibration Group

Teleconference 2004-08-12

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Action Items

Calibration Subgroup Leads Coordinate review and revision of their assigned sections by 2004-08-12 telecon. Note that target date for completion of the Calibration Plan is 2004-10-01. 2004-07-302004-09-08
Mangum Will seek guidance from ALMA Management on the question of ACA operation. In the meantime, group discussions should consider ACA-related issues within the context of specific calibration categories. 2004-07-152004-09-08
Mangum ALMA calibration document "roadmap". 2004-08-122004-09-08
Completed Action Items
All Consider whether "Primary Beam" calibration should be added to the list of calibration categories and Calibration Plan sections. 2004-07-152004-08-12
All Consider whether "Total Power" calibration can be incorporated within other calibration categories (use the current content of the Calibration Plan as a guide). 2004-07-152004-08-12
Holdaway/Wilson Produce a first-cut at a "Primary Beam" calibration section. 2004-07-302004-08-12
Mangum Works with NRAO Computing to implement an externally-accessible Wiki. If this option will not develop within the next month or so, explore use of the existing ESO Wiki. Richer suggests building Calibration Wiki within an ALMA Science IPT Wiki. DONE: See 2004-07-152004-08-12
Gibson/Welch Send preprint of Icarus paper on 28.5 GHz absolute calibration to the group. 2004-07-152004-07-30


Di Francesco Hills Holdaway Laing Mangum Morita Mundy Myers Saito Stirling Sramek Wilson Woody Wootten Wright

Agenda and Minutes


  1. Calibration Plan

    The Calibration Plan needs to be finished. In order to accomplish this, it will be necessary to have small groups concentrate on specific sections of the plan. The group agreed to the following breakdown. "Volunteers" for review and update of each section, with a suggested "lead volunteer" denoted in bold, are indicated:


  2. Calibration Group Use of the Wiki

    Now that NRAO Computing has completed the installation of the external wiki, Mangum suggested that we adopt the wiki platform as a general interaction tool. In particular, the wiki can serve as an efficient medium through which modifications to the Calibration Plan can be made. All agreed which this approach.

    Several points regarding use of the wiki:

  3. Amplitude Calibration Subsystem Development Reports

  4. Date of next phone meeting
    The next ALMA Calibration Group telecon will be 2004, September 8th 15:00 UT. (NOTE: Shifted -1 day to avoid ASAC telecon on 2004-09-09)

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