VLBA Operator Executables

  • These were extracted from /home/swc/software/OPS-TRUNK/bin on 3/12/2019
  • The "declaration" column is used to show whether the files explicitly specify a python version.
  • Because only the executable directory was surveyed, any binary executable is simply shown as "binary"; the implementation language is not specified.

File nameSorted ascending Declaration Language
zerocorr_makeconfig implicit python2
2dirlist   binary
CalcServer   binary
CorAsc2   binary
NewFileRSPR   shell
RestartM2X implicit python2
RestartRSPR explicit python2
StartM2X implicit python2
StartRSPR explicit python2
StopM2X implicit python2
StopRSPR explicit python2
adump   binary
aedit   binary
alist   binary
avgDiFX   binary
bbsum   binary
calc2skd   binary
calc2sked implicit python2
calc2xyz implicit python2
calcderiv   binary
calcif2   binary
calcsig   binary
captureUDPVDIF   binary
checkCalcServer   binary
checkdir implicit python2
checkmpifxcorr   binary
cksched   binary
cleanVDIF   binary
clockhist   binary
computetotals   binary
condition explicit python2
countVDIFPackets   binary
cpumon implicit python2
db2cc explicit python2
db2flag explicit python2
db2wx explicit python2
dcadmin explicit python2
dcdelete implicit python2
dcls implicit python2
dcmount implicit python2
dcread implicit python2
dcrequest implicit python2
dcstatus implicit python2
dctools.py implicit python2
dctools.pyc implicit python2
dcumount implicit python2
dcupdate implicit python2
dcwrite implicit python2
dedisperse_difx   binary
diffDiFX.py implicit python2
difx2fb   binary
difx2fits   binary
difx2mark4   binary
difx2profile   binary
difxarch explicit python2
difxcalc   binary
difxcalculator   binary
difxclean explicit python2
difxcopy explicit python2
difxdiagnosticmon implicit python2
difxfilterbank   binary
difxlog   binary
difxqueue explicit python2
difxqueuetest explicit python2
difxsniff implicit python2
difxspeed explicit python2
difxusage explicit python2
difxwatch implicit python2
dir2filelist.pl   perl
directory2filelist   binary
dumprspr implicit python2
e2ecopy   binary
env_check   ASCII text
errormon implicit python2
errormon2 implicit python2
extractSingleVDIFThread   binary
extractVDIFThreads   binary
fakemultiVDIF   binary
fb_reorder   binary
file2dynq implicit python2
fileto5c   binary
filterbank2screen   binary
filterbankcount   binary
filterDifx2Fits implicit python2
filterVDIF   binary
fit   binary
fixmark5b   binary
fourfit   binary
fourmer   binary
fplot   binary
fringeFindDiFX.py implicit python2
fringex   binary
fslog2difx.pl   perl
fuseMk6   binary
generateVDIF   binary
genmachines implicit python2
getcal   binary
getcc   binary
geteop.pl   perl
getequip implicit python2
getfitmon implicit python2
getshelf explicit python2
getsmart implicit python2
getTape.py explicit python2
getvex explicit python2
goUSNO explicit python2
gps_el   binary
gps_jobs implicit python2
gps_vlba   binary
guiServer   binary
hops_data_links.pl   perl
hops.bash   shell
jobdisks implicit python2
joblist implicit python2
jobstatus implicit python2
killjob implicit python2
listcpus implicit python2
listmedia implicit python2
listmodules implicit python2
logmon2xml   binary
logrspr   binary
m5bstate   binary
m5bsum   binary
m5d   binary
m5fb   binary
m5fb_makeheader   binary
m5findformats   binary
m5fold   binary
m5pcal   binary
m5slice   binary
m5spec   binary
m5subband   binary
m5test   binary
m5time   binary
m5timeseries   binary
m5tsys   binary
m6sg_blocknrs   binary
m6sg_gather   binary
m6sg_mount implicit python2
m6sg_test1   binary
m6sg_test2   binary
makefits implicit python2
makemark4 explicit python2
mark5c2db explicit python2
mark5comm.py implicit python2
mark5comm.pyc implicit python2
mark6.py implicit python2
mark6.pyc implicit python2
mk5cat   binary
mk5control implicit python2
mk5cp   binary
mk5daemon   binary
mk5dir   binary
mk5display implicit python2
mk5erase   binary
mk5lock   binary
mk5map   binary
mk5mon implicit python2
mk5putdir   binary
mk5test   binary
mk62v2d explicit python2
mk6copy   binary
mk6gather   binary
mk6ls   binary
mk6summary   binary
mk6vmux   binary
mon2xml   binary
mpifxcorr   binary
mpispeed   binary
multi2singlethreadVDIF   binary
mvdifxhere explicit python2
netmon   binary
neuteredmpifxcorr   binary
novmefit   binary
oms2v2d explicit python2
oraclefix explicit python2
orbitGenerator   binary
padCalcScans explicit python2
padVDIF   binary
parseDiFX.py implicit python2
pbgen   binary
pcList.pl   perl
peekVDIF   binary
plotapd   binary
plotbp   binary
plotDiFX.py implicit python2
plotDynamicSpectrum.py implicit python2
plotgps   binary
plotpcal implicit python2
plotpcal2 implicit python2
plottsys implicit python2
plotut1sp explicit python2
plotwt   binary
pplot_print   shell
printDiFX   binary
printdirlist   binary
printfilterbank   binary
printVDIF   binary
printVDIFgaps   binary
printVDIFheader   binary
probemachine   binary
profile2binconfig.py implicit python2
psrflag   binary
queueVex explicit python2
ratsys explicit python2
rcmd   binary
rdbepcal   binary
rdbetsm   binary
rdbetsys   binary
rdbetsysserver   binary
record5c   binary
recover   binary
reducepoly   binary
restartdifx implicit python2
rmsanal   binary
rmsget   binary
rscreen   binary
rscreen2   binary
rspr   binary
rttsys   binary
sara   binary
searchVDIF   binary
sec2time.pl   perl
sendsmart   binary
sendtransient   binary
showcal implicit python2
smartmon implicit python2
snipDiFX.py implicit python2
split_fb_scan   binary
startCalcServer   shell
startcorr.pl   perl
startdifx implicit python2
statemon implicit python2
stopmpifxcorr implicit python2
stripVDIF   binary
sukill   binary
switchedpowerfake   binary
tabulatedelays   binary
tapelog   binary
test_mark5_stream   binary
test_unpacker   binary
test5b   binary
testdifxinput   binary
testdifxmessagedrivestats   binary
testdifxmessagereceive   binary
testdifxmessagereceivecond   binary
testdifxmessagesend   binary
testephem   binary
testgetsp   binary
testgetxml   binary
testm5lock   binary
testmod   binary
testparsedifx   binary
testparsevis   binary
testseqnumbers   binary
teststringarray   binary
testtcal   binary
time.pl   perl
time2sec.pl   perl
tmon2xml   binary
transient_daemon   binary
transient_daemon_control   binary
transient_wrapper   binary
tsm   binary
tsmplot   binary
unqueueVex explicit python2
update_eop   c-shell
updatedifxclock   binary
vclock   binary
vdif_server   binary
vdif2to8   binary
vdifbstate implicit python2
vdifChanSelect   binary
vdifd implicit python2
vdiffold implicit python2
vdifheader.pl   perl
vdifspec implicit python2
vex2difx   binary
vex2obs explicit python2
vex2opt   binary
vex2script   binary
vex2script-KPdual   shell
vex2script-KPLA-mk6only   shell
vex2script-PTdual   shell
vex2setup.pl   perl
vexgetorbitfiles   binary
vexpeek   binary
vhelp   ASCII text
vhelp.sh   shell
vhelper.sh   c-shell
vlatsys   binary
vlcmd   binary
vldis   binary
vlget   binary
vlog explicit python2
vls   binary
vmux   binary
vsn   binary
vsum   binary
zerocorr   binary

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