Known Software Limitations

July 1, 2021

There are some known software limitations with existing VEX implementations that affect which VEX files can be used operationally. While these are outside of the definition of VEX, they are collected here for reference. It is hoped that these limitations will be removed in the near future.

  • DRUDG (FS):
    • Maximum modes: 40
    • Maximum scans: 20000
    • Maximum sources: 1000
    • Maximum stations: 40
  • HOPS
    • All $MODE ref statements must be qualified by the complete list of stations to which they apply. This is described further in the $MODE block section of the vex 2 defining document.

Support for some features in VEX may not be implemented by particular users of VEX. It is the schedule writer's responsibility to verify that all features used by a file are supported by the targeted users (stations, correlators, etc.) of the file. Areas of concern include, but are not limited to:
  • Source types other than the simple stationary star type.
  • Pointing offsets
  • Multi-threaded vs multi-channel VDIF
  • Intents
  • Parameters in the $IF block other than %if_def
  • Staggered start time at different stations in a scan.
  • Multiple stations recorded to the same media
  • Other implementation limitations mentioned in this section.

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