Mauna Kea Weather Data

The VLBA makes weather data from the MK site available for download from . This is at the request of the University of Hawaii which operates a weather center specific to the summit of Mauna Kea. This web page is updated every 15 minutes by a cron job run by user vlbamon on computer elbow. The cron job runs a bash script /users/vlbamon/vlba/bin/ which in turn runs db2wx which places a text file with recent weather data into /home/ . Both the bash script and db2wx are maintained in the nraodifxdb repository. Both db2wx and should be executable for proper functionality. Note that the cron entry is updated with crontab -e . The entry for this service should look like:

*/15 * * * * /bin/sh /users/vlbamon/vlba/bin/ > /dev/null

The data file presented contains the following space-separated columns of data:

Column Value Units
1 Antenna name  
2 Modified Julian Days UTC days
3 Temperature C
4 Pressure mBar
5 Dew Point C
6 Wind speed m/s
7 Wind direction Deg E of N
8 Rainfail cm since midnight
9 Wind gust m/s

-- WalterBrisken - 2021-04-13
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