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Mark6 Module Mounting and Unmounting Issues

Mark6 modules need to be unmounted before the power key is turned off!

Each of the disks in a Mark6 modules have xfs filesystems for data and metadata. In order to write to and read from the filesystems software applications need to mount the filesystems before accessing them. When the applications are done with the filesystems it is very important that the applications unmount the filesystems.

If the power key is turned off when a module is mounted there is an intermittent issue that prevents further module mounting on the unit. The only way to recover is to reboot the unit.

Applications must be developed to unmount the filesystems when work is complete, that way the module can safely be powered off and removed from the unit.

Both site and correlator GUI applications need to indicate the mounted or unmounted state of modules so that operators will know when it is safe to power off and remove the modules.

Mark6 Mounting Utilities

Three utilities have been developed to help with determining mount status, mounting and unmounting from the command line: /usr/bin/m6mountstatus.py, /usr/bin/m6modmount.py and /usr/bin/m6modunmount.py.

m6mountstatus.py will return a numeric value that indicates mounted modules.


prompt> m6mountstatus.py
slots mounted <numeric value of slots mounted>


prompt> m6mountstatus.py
slots mounted 1

prompt> m6mountstatus.py
slots mounted 23

In the first example, only slot 1 is mounted. In the second example, slots 2 and 3 are mounted.

m6modmount.py will mount a module and output messages indicating success or failure.


prompt> m6modmount.py <slot to mount>


prompt> m6modmount.py 3
Mounting slot 3
Disk 4 mounted
Disk 6 mounted
Disk 0 mounted
Disk 2 mounted

m6modunmount.py will unmount a module and output messages indicating success or failure.


prompt> m6modunmount.py <slot to unmount>


prompt> m6modunmount.py 3
Unmounting slot 3
Disk 0 unmounted
Disk 2 unmounted
Disk 4 unmounted
Disk 6 unmounted
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