Mark6 Metadata Restore Utility utility will restore the metadata on a mark6 module.

Often when we receive packs from EB the packs will have empty metadata directories. The metadata partition and filesystem are present, but, when mounted, the metadata directory is empty. The empty metadata directory will cause mk5daemon to stop running on the unit where the EB pack is keyed on. can be used to restore the missing metadata. must be run by user difx on the unit containing the pack to be restored. is deployed in /usr/bin of the correlator mark6 units.

After the metadata is restored 'sudo systemctl start mk5daemon.service' can be used to restart mk5daemon.

usage : <slot number> <module serial number>

Slot number is the location of the pack to be restored.

Module serial number is the MSN/VSN for the pack in length 8, % delimited form.

The program will ask for 2 confirmations, respond with 'y' to both.
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