GCN Listener software

Runs on gygax on a GNU screen. I've setup a python virtualenv for it, which is activated in my bash environment. It also requires "SCHED" and PGPLOT to be available in the path. Finally, the SMTP server needs to be specified in the environment.

To activate the virtualenv, SCHED and PGPLOT, and setup the SMTP server, do

source /users/kbannist/vlbagrb/bin/activate
setup_vlba > /dev/null 2>&1
setup_pgplot > /dev/null 2>&1
export MAILHOST=smtp.aoc.nrao.edu

Running it

To run it, type
cd /users/kbannist/vlbagrb/src/grb-vlba/src/grbmonitor/
./vlbagrb.py  --verbose -C vlba/vlbaserver.cfg 

Configuration files

there are 2 configuration files in the vlba directory:

vlbaserver.cfg - Is the main deployment. Emails vlbaops and vlba_triggers

vlbatest.cfg - For testing only. Emails just Keith

To run a test

Find the name of a pulsar you like in /users/kbannist/vlbagrb/src/grb-vlba/src/grbmonitor/all_pulsars.txt

And run

./testobs.py  B0329+54

Mailing list

The mailing list is vlba-triggers@aoc.nrao.edu

The main aim of the list is for notifying interested parties, and general discussion. vlbaops is emailed separately, and probably not interested in general discussion.

The list of subscribers is here: /users/kbannist/vlba-triggers It currently contains: keith.bannister@csiro.au wbrisken@aoc.nrao.edu wmax@aoc.nrao.edu j.macquart@curtin.edu.au r.wayth@curtin.edu.au deller@astron.nl s.tingay@curtin.edu.au

-- KeithBannister - 2013-07-11

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