VLBA Extensions to the EVLA Executor


The bbc class is used to contain all of the relevant information about the BaseBand Channels that are to be configured and recorded.

bbc(int inputNum, float tuning, float bandwidth, char sideband, int nBit, int threadId)

The parameters for this constructor are:
Type Name Allowed values Comments
int inputNum 0, 1, 2, 3 The input number as defined by the output of the 4x4 switch. The system will be wired such that inputs 0 and 1 go to the first DBE and inputs 2 and 3 go to the second.
float tuning 512 - 1024 For the PFB personality, the tuning value must be a multiple of the bandwdith. Units are MHz.
float bandwidth 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, ..., 32 For the PFB personlality, all channels must have the same bandwidth. Units are MHz.
char sideband U or L U=Upper, means frequency block has tuning value as the low edge. L=Lower is the reverse.
int nBit 1, 2, 4, 8 For the PFB personality, all nBit values must be identical.
int threadId >= 0 Used for VDIF format only. The threadId value determines frequency groups


Mark5C(int unitId)

setMode(string modeName)

setPSNMode(int psnMode)

setPacket(int DPOFST, int PSNOFST, int DFOFST, int length)


RDBE(int unitId, string personality)

setPacket(int DPOFST, int PSNOFST, int DFOFST, int length)



Here are listed only new functionality added to the existing subarray object

setDBE(DBE dbe0, DBE dbe1)

setRecorder(Recorder rec0, Recorder rec1)

setRecord(float startMJD, float stopMJD, string scanName)



setIf(string ifName, string bandName, char polarization, float SSLO, char ifSideband)
Type Name Allowed values Comments
string ifName A, B, C, D Name of the analog signal coming from the antenna.
string bandName 90cm, 20cm, 13cm, 6cm, 4cm, 2cm, 1cm, 7mm, 3mm Name of the receiver to attach to this analog signal.
char polarization R or L The polarization sense: R=right circular, L=left circular.
float SSLO   The signed sum of local oscillators. Currently can be -500 or n*500 +- m*100. Units are MHz.
char ifSideband U or L The IF sideband to accept. If U, all channels will have a sky frequency greater than SSLO; if L, less than SSLO.

setPhaseCal(int deltaFreq)
Type Name Allowed values Comments
int deltaFreq 0, 1, 5 The comb spacing of the pulse cal tone generator. Units are MHz.


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