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DDC VDIF Change Log:

1.5.014. Changes made:
  • Attenuation commands will now execute immediately instead of at the beginning of the next second. A new attenuation command can be sent once per 20ms.
  • Monitors from the RDBE synthesizer board will now be read once per 100us instead of once per second.
  • The phenomenon of increasing delay with decreasing BW has been corrected (a.k.a "bandwidth dependent delay change bug").
  • Additional preparatory work to fix the missing last frame issue when a recording is stopped.
DDC VDIF Current Version: ddc_1502883.bin & DDC VDIF Configuration File: ddc_1502883.conf

1.5.013. VDIF sample encoding fixed in QuantComparator.vhd. The output data should now be encoded correctly as per the VDIF specification. DDC VDIF Version: ddc_1501383.bin & DDC VDIF Configuration File: ddc_1501383.conf

1.5.012. Changed validFlag to use valid_sm in order to fix failure to transmit last frame from each thread. DDC VDIF Version: ddc_1501283.bin & DDC VDIF Configuration File: ddc_1501283.conf

1.5.011. Added monitor for internal PPS

1.5.008. Many changes to registers, added epoch seconds for VDIF header merged changes from M5B 1.4.113 into variant VDIF branch

1.5.004. Merged changes from M5B1.4.113 into VDIF1.5.003

1.5.003. Refined test mode in vdif_interface

1.5.002. Added test mode in vdif_interface

1.5.001. Timing pass

1.5.000. First branch off of MARK5B version 1.4.61
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