Several Cron Jobs are in use that keep the VLBA running. These are tabulated below.

host user script cadence notes
swc000 analysts /users/analysts/earth/eop.csh 1day Update EOP values in EARTH table of VLBAPARM DB
elbow vlbamon /users/vlbamon/fiber-test/ 15min Run two-way fiber speed test visible at http://elbow:3000
elbow vlbamon /users/vlbamon/vlba/bin/repackagemetadata 1day Bundle switched power data into subdirectories of /home/vlba/metadata/switchedpower/
elbow vlbamon /users/vlbamon/vlba/bin/repackagemetadata 1day Bundle pulse cal data into subdirectories of /home/vlba/metadata/xcube_pcal/
elbow vlbamon /users/vlbamon/vlba/bin/checkSendit 12hours Verify that sendit and vlitebuf are running properly to support (near) real-time data

-- WalterBrisken - 2021-09-13
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