BB325DF / GCN616502 / GRB 141026A



Haven't yet looked at the correlated data.


From Kiri: It looks like your job was broken into two observations:


Source Name: J0258+2900 Source RA: 0.781 Source Dec: 0.506


Source Name: GCN616502 Source RA: 0.769 Source Dec: 0.470

The pulsar name in bb325df_1 doesn't match the one you specified below. I don't know why.

We do see 4 detections in this job, but none look strongly like pulsar pulses (I think).



Correlated Data

On 27 oct updated phase center with the following:


There is an updated position for this GRB.

Can you please correlate the BB325DF scans of GCN616502

With the following  ra/dec?

RA (J2000): 02h 56m 20.24s
Dec (J2000): +26d 55' 40.9"




Betty said at the time:

On 10/25/2014 08:38 PM, grbmonitor wrote:

> T+20: 02:58:16 to 03:36:13 (UT) (37 mins) DIR=/users/kbannist/vlbagrb/schedules/BB325DF/t20

Observation was set up to run in this time range.  (It could not be done earlier, due to an already running observation.)


Observers Log

Project:        BB325DF
Observer:       Bannister, K.
Project type:   VLBA
Obs filename:   bb325dfcrd.*
Date/Day:       2014OCT26/299
Ants Scheduled: SC HN NL FD LA PT KP OV BR 

           Operator is Betty Ragan.                                             
           Vclock, gps delta, UT-UTC all check OK.                              
     0258  Begin.                                                               
0258-0336 *FD not observing. Communications with the             COMM   100   38
           site are down.                                                       
0258-0302 *All sites slow to get on source, due to this          SCH    800   32
           project being scheduled immediately after the                        
           previous observation ended.                                          
     0302 %SC,KP have what looks like a lot of RFI.                             
0302-0336 *LA has an Fs_PLL_lock error message, but there                       
           are no bad monitor points showing in the device                      
           browser. It is likely this is a spurious error.                      
0317-0324 *LA,PT,KP,OV,BR stopped observing on the               SW     500   35
           legacy side. This is probably related to some                        
           issues with sending out the crd files at the start                   
           of the obs. The gogrb script was hanging while                       
           attempting to contact FD< so I sent the files to                     
           these sites manually. The script then re-sent them,                  
           and they must somehow have been running from an                      
           incomplete version. Had to reboot these sites to                     
           get it to resume.                                                    
0324-0327 *LA was repointed later than other sites.              TIME   100    3
           Clock had to be resynced after the reboot.                           
     0336  End.                                                                 

Downtime Summary:
   Total downtime : 108 min
   Percentage downtime of observing: 31.6%
   Average downtime per hour : 18.9 min

    Total scheduled observing time (# Antennas): 342 min (9)

    * = Entries where data was affected.
    % = Entries where data may have been affected.
    & = Entries where the site tech was called out.
  WEA = Weather entries.
  MF# = Maintenance form or major downtime category associated with a problem.
  %AD = The percentage of an antenna affected by a problem.
  AMD = Total antenna-minutes downtime for a problem.
 Tsys = System Temperature (TP/SP x Tcal/2)
  ACU = Antenna Control Unit
  FRM = Focus/Rotation Mount
  RFI = Radio Frequency Interference
  VME = Site control computer
   CB = Circuit Breaker
 vclock = Program that compares site clock time to a standard.

-- KeithBannister - 2014-10-26
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