BB325DC / GCN 614415 / GRB 141005A


GCN Report

UVOT took a finding chart exposure of 250 seconds with the U filter starting 93 seconds after the BAT trigger. No credible afterglow candidate has been found in the initial data products.

D. Perley with the P60 RA = 19:24:22.392 dec = +36:05:42.26 (J2000, +/- 0.3")


Haven't yet looked at the correlated data.


From Kiri:

This one was broken into 3 jobs:


Source Name: J1936+3642 Source RA: 5.133 Source Dec: 0.641 ** 12 rejected detections


Source Name: GCN614415 Source RA: 5.081 Source Dec: 0.630 ** 20 rejected detections


Source Name: B2020+28 Source RA: 5.335 Source Dec: 0.505 ** 5 detections marked as "pulsar", all with DM = 24.19 ** 2 rejected detections

Is this helpful?


Correlated Data

On 13 Oct made the following request to change the phase center:

There is an updated position for this GRB.

Can you please correlate the BB325BC scans of GCN614415

With the following  ra/dec?

RA = 19:24:22.392 dec = +36:05:42.26 (J2000)


Observers Log

Project:        BB325DC
Observer:       Bannister, K.
Project type:   VLBA
Obs filename:   bb325dccrd.*
Date/Day:       2014OCT05/278
Ants Scheduled: SC HN NL FD LA PT KP OV BR MK

           Operator is Paul Padilla                                            
           UT1-UTC: -0.35, VClock: -0.027, GPS delta: -4.9                     
     0515  Begin                                                               
0515-0522 *ALL not on source yet.                                SCH   1000   70
0522-0529 *KP bad DOT, not recording. Resynced.                  TIME   100    7
     0557  End.                                                                

Downtime Summary:
        Total downtime : 77 min
        Percentage downtime of observing: 18.3%
        Average downtime per hour : 11.0 min

    Total scheduled observing time (# Antennas): 420 min (10)

    * = Entries where data was affected.
    % = Entries where data may have been affected.
    & = Entries where the site tech was called out.
  WEA = Weather entries.
  MF# = Maintenance form or major downtime category associated with a problem.
  %AD = The percentage of an antenna affected by a problem.
  AMD = Total antenna-minutes downtime for a problem.
 Tsys = System Temperature (TP/SP x Tcal/2)
  ACU = Antenna Control Unit
  FRM = Focus/Rotation Mount
  RFI = Radio Frequency Interference
  VME = Site control computer
   CB = Circuit Breaker
 vclock = Program that compares site clock time to a standard.

-- KeithBannister - 2014-10-09

-- KeithBannister - 2014-10-09
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