BB325BM / GCN 567163


GCN Report - Looks like a 0.1s - short GRB with X-ray counterpart at

RA(J2000) = 01h 51m 41.22s

Dec(J2000) = -03d 12' 30.6"

No optical counterpart with a 1m telescope in china (see GCN report).

Sent request to analysts to change phase center on 23 Aug 2013 (my time).


gogrb crashed again - so took a bit longer than expected.

Also: Looks like the check pulsar was 0437-4715 - a long way south. I can't imagine it was observed. Need to work out what it's in there.

Observers Log

Project:        BB325BM
Observer:       Bannister, Keith
Project type:   VLBA
Obs filename:   bb325bmcrd.*
Date/Day:       2013AUG22/234
Ants Scheduled: FD LA PT KP OV BR MK 

           Operator is Alan Kerr                                                
           GPS delta, vclock: OK, UT1-UTC: 0.04                                 
     1604  Begin                                                                
1604-1642 *KP out due to bad ACU. C133558                        ACU    100   38
1604-1613 *OTHER SITES late on source. .crd and observ.tx        SW     600   54
           and queueVex needed to be reset/rerun.  problem                      
           with the setup script.                                               
     1626  End at FD,LA                                                         
     1637  End at PT                                                            
     1640  End at OV,BR                                                         
     1642  End.                                                                 

Downtime Summary:
   Total downtime : 92 min
   Percentage downtime of observing: 34.6%
   Average downtime per hour : 20.8 min

    Total scheduled observing time (# Antennas): 266 min (7)

    * = Entries where data was affected.
    % = Entries where data may have been affected.
    & = Entries where the site tech was called out.
  WEA = Weather entries.
  MF# = Maintenance form or major downtime category associated with a problem.
  %AD = The percentage of an antenna affected by a problem.
  AMD = Total antenna-minutes downtime for a problem.
 Tsys = System Temperature (TP/SP x Tcal/2)
  ACU = Antenna Control Unit
  FRM = Focus/Rotation Mount
  RFI = Radio Frequency Interference
  VME = Site control computer
   CB = Circuit Breaker
 vclock = Program that compares site clock time to a standard.

-- KeithBannister - 2013-08-22

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