CASA Winter 2008 Developers' Meeting

Here in no particular order is what may be on the agenda for the CASA developers' meeting. Right now these are just topic headings with a few subtopics. Please feel free to add topics and subtopics and additional text. Time for discussion is in parenthesis. Over the next few weeks we can solidify the agenda and assign discussion leaders.

This meeting should be a "check your ego at the door", almost everything will be open for discussion and review. There are something we are doing right and, well, somethings we should be doing differently. Everyone's ideas and concerns are important.

Strawman Agenda for 2008 Casa Developers Meeting

Meeting Dates:

  • February 26-29, 2008
  • Travel days February 25, March 1.


  • Some place in New Mexico

Preliminary Agenda

Notes from the meeting

  • Kumar's one line action list
  • Some meeting pictures thanks to George

Agenda Suggestions:

  • Shannon: There are a number of system issues scattered through out the agenda. It might be good to cluster them together.
  • Shannon: Might want to prioritize items, which items we absolutely discuss, which item we should discuss, and which ones can scrap if we run out of time.
  • Shannon: I see no mention of flagging either. We should have a discussion on consolidating flagging in viewer, plotter, and flagging both manual and auto task as well as fixing the flagging code up.
  • Shannon: Is it time to consult the NAUG and help desk support people on a priority list of what is missing in CASA?
  • Ger: Distributed processing of images, and CASAcore
  • Shannon: Script repository. Often when something can not be done via the task interface, but can be done via the tool interface I create a python script which I give to the inquirer. I've been keeping a copy of these scripts and have committed them to SVN, however, we need to look at a way of distributing these with CASA in a meaningful way
  • Shannon: Developer support. New developers are thrown into the deep-end. There isn't much support via documents, its all done through people. It can be challenging at times just getting started, especially when the developer is not in Soccorro, we should look at giving the developers proper support, and not just our users.
  • Brian: FITS classes and CFITSIO - what to do? I can lead a discussion here. 1 hour maybe?

Welcome (0.25hr)

Where are we (1hr)

Plotting (2hr)

  • General Interface
  • Package Implementations

Inter-Process Communication/Async (2hr)

  • General Interface
  • Python/C++ interfaces
  • scriptable viewer etc.

Python Issues (2hr)

  • Packaging
  • Interpreter
  • Tasking

Testing (1hr)

  • Unit Tests
  • Regression testing
  • Interactive

General System Issues (3hr)

  • Qt
  • 64Bit
  • Compilers
  • Optimization
  • Generating User Interfaces
  • Progress Meter
  • Logger
  • XML
  • OS support
  • Build system (Calabretta's make system v/s CMAKE v/s SCONS v/s Automake etc)

Science Focus (2hr)

  • Future direction and needs in
    • Calibration
    • Imaging
      • Code re-factoring
    • Image Analysis
      • Complex image support
      • Large images
    • Research branch (Added by SB)
      • Code management
      • Distribution

Visualization (2hr)

  • Viewer
  • New needs e.g 3-D visualization
  • Large data sets

Release Mechanism (0.5hr)

Issue Tracking (0.5hr)

Code Management (0.5hr)

  • Integration with CASA core
  • SVN and branches

High Performance Computing (2hr)

  • Clusters/Distributed Memory
  • Multi-core

Documentation (1hr)

  • User
  • Programmer
  • System

Moving Forward/Wrap Up (2hr)

  • Action Items
  • Proposed Targets

-- WesYoung - 30 Nov 2007
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