Crashes and hangs in casaviewer

I have received various reports of crashes and hangs, and am working to characterize them. High priority. I suspect these mostly have to do with reading the data files initially and/or managing them.

The most useful crash reports include links to the specific data files used, and steps that are as specific, simple, and repeatable as possible.

Attempting to load a complex image will also crash casaviewer. The [no]prize for this crash report (the first one I could immediately reproduce here) goes to Chris Wilson at McMaster.

-- DavidKing - 01 Nov 2006

Complex images no longer crash viewer; although they're not yet supported, they will be soon.

-- DavidKing - 30 Jan 2007

A reproducible case and workaround has been found for perhaps the most common crash case (h/t smyers):

  • Register 2 raster images
  • Unregister the first one

The crash occurs only if the 'Data/Register' menu is used, but not if the 'Register toolbutton' is used for the same purpose. The action is supposed to be identical either way, so the cause is somewhat mysterious. For now though, use of the toolbuttons are recommended in preference to menus (they are slightly closer-to-hand anyway). The 'Register' toolbutton's icon shows two superposed squares. There is identifying help when you hover over the buttons (as long the display window has 'keyboard focus' -- click anywhere on the window to get that).

-- DavidKing - 22 Feb 2007
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