Tool: vlafillertask tool for VLA filler tasks
Method: vlafillertask Construct an vlafillertask tool
Method: fill Perform fill operations
msname string name of output ms
inputfile string name of vla archive
project string name of project to extract, defaults to all projects in input
start string start time to extract
stop string end time of extracted data
centerfreq string frequency of data to extract (used along with bandwidth param)
bandwidth string data around centerfreq to get out
bandname string name of band to extract
source string name of source
subarray int subarray - 0 means all subarrays
qualifier int qualifier for source
calcode string Calibrator code, 1 character only
overwrite bool overwrite or append
freqtol double Frequency tolerance, the default tolerance for frequency is set to be 6 times of the channel width. You may have to tweak the tolerance depending on the dataset, just depends.
useday int This option is only available at the AOC in Socorro! When filling at the AOC, select the online day file to use < 0 means any previous day up to 14 0 means from the start of the current day > 0 means starting now

-- WesYoung - 17 Jul 2006
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