Virtual Observatory Plan of Record

( this is out of date; plans are being revised as we transition to the VAO. In the meanwhile, IVOA and NVO/VAO development remains the primary focus.)

Virtual Observatory      
Target Scheduled date Updated Target Responsible
Initial working draft and prototyping for SIA V2 10/01/08   DougTody
TAP prototype with SimpleQuery functionality 10/15/08   DougTody
Revised SIA V1.0 specification for PR 08/15/07 10/15/08   DougTody
IVOA interoperability workshop (Baltimore) 10/27/08   DougTody
Planning for NRAO VAO operations 12/15/08   DougTody and NicoleRadziwill
VLA Pipeline      
Target Scheduled date Updated Target Responsible

-- DougTody - 2 Mar 2008

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