Meeting Minutes (29 October 2009)

User Database (aka, single database, CAS, etc.)

KaiGroner, DanaBalser, GarethHunt (chairing), PatrickMurphy (scribe), PaulMarganian, AmyShelton, DavidHalstead


  • Executive decision: meeting frequency will be every 2 weeks;
  • Review of UserDatabasePlanOfRecordT32009
    • We have one MR (from StephanWitz); nobody has approved or commented yet.
      • Should we then retrofit Global Identifier into DSS, BOS, etc, when this MR is done?
      • How to sync DSS and BOS users. Merging currently done by hand (for ~300 users).
    • Discussion about standardization of XML; OpenSky have informally agreed to work on this as a background task, with likely implementation by June or July of 2010. Stephan wanted to flesh this out before creating a MR.
  • States that a user should have: Disabled, Deceased... to be discussed in e-mail.


  1. All: approve, disapprove, or comment on this MR: UserDatabaseMR1T309
  2. GarethHunt to arrange reservations for two-weekly (twice monthly?) meeting.
  3. StephanWitz and KaiGroner to coordinate about SQL queries on OpenSky shell account (to avoid repetitive large dumps of data)
  4. PaulMarganian to send KaiGroner a complete list of DSS users.
  5. AmyShelton to remove DSS inheritance from OPT account (StephanWitz to provide credentials for latter)

-- PatrickMurphy - 2009-10-29
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