Meeting Minutes (21 September 2010)

Attending: PaulMarganian, BryanButler, StephanWitz, DavidHalstead, DanaBalser, GarethHunt, KaiGroner, PatrickMurphy

  1. Format of log on names: StephanWitz has proposed that we remove user names with odd gappy characters. OpenSky has modified so this will not occur with new users but we will wait until after the Oct 1 proposal deadline before we modify any existing user names.
    • Impact on DSS. The DSS currently uses Carl's database which has its own "people information". Carl's database will not be superseded until the OSO direction becomes more clear. GarethHunt notes that we are the "OSO Initiative". But until there are new guidelines GB will stick with Carl's system.
    • Global Namespace. In the context of the ALMA User Portal this may be relevant; should we leverage it, feed from it or into it?
    • Multiple databases. It may be a mistake to have two user databases for NRAO (ALMA and other).
      • Hierarchical view? Should be possible with CAS -> OpenLDAP
  2. Adding new users to existing proposals/projects: there is currently a need to add people to existing projects which are linked to the proposal, data archive, OPT, DSS, etc. This has been discussed before but how and when should this issue be resolved.
    • How? We could make necessary changes in the user database and allow this to propagate downstream to the OPT, DSS, etc., or allow these changes in the OPT, for example, and propagate upstream. Regardless, the PI (or the permitted people) should only have to make this request once. DanaBalser & BryanButler will draft the requirements.
    • When? It will require work from OpenSky who will be working on the new proposal processing. BryanButler reviewed the current plans. NRAO is going to a new proposal process by next February that include science review panels (NRAO wide) and a semester-based proposal cycle. There will be 8 science areas like ALMA and 6 people on each panel. The proposal report will go to the relevant sites for them to process. Eventually there may be one TAC.
    • Global ID: the OPT is using the global ID but the DSS is using the names and possibly the global ID. PaulMarganian will check if the global ID can be used; there may be issues with Carl's database.
  3. Communication between PST/BOS/OPT/DSS and issues?
    • EVLA: data from the PST is converted into what is called a project and used by the OPT. This works reasonably well. We do need a getUserByGroup query which use to exist; DanaBalser will look into this with OpenSky.
    • BOS: there is consensus to merge the BOS and PST user databases even though some BOS users (e.g, public visitors) will never propose. KaiGroner will redo the BOS login page to point to and our user database. We may need to add "visitor" as a type.
  4. Database mirrors and issues?
    • Socorro: still using xml querries since they do not have object infrastructure in place to really leverage the mirror yet but this is planned.
    • Green Bank: just started using the mirror for some applications and there is a significant performance improvement.
  5. Post Script: InCommon SSL and personal certs... any interest? Authentication (in Teragrid context) upstream...

Next meeting? Tue, Oct 19, 2010; Then regularly on 3rd Tuesday. Gareth will reserve rooms.


  • PaulMarganian: review if GB can use unique ID's.
  • PaulMarganian: talk to Toney and Karen about Carl's database vis-a-vis the new proposal handling in Feb 2011.
  • DanaBalser: check with OpenSky if a getUserByGroup xml query exists.
  • DanaBalser & BryanButler: write up requirements to add people to an existing project.
  • KaiGroner: modify BOS login page and make it use CAS. We may need to modify the registration template at to simplify registration for visitors.
  • KaiGroner: merge BOS/PST database.
  • Someone: revisit OpenLDAP and CAS.

-- PatrickMurphy - 2010-09-21
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