Meeting Minutes (19 November 2009)

User Database (aka, single database, CAS, etc.)

KaiGroner, DanaBalser, GarethHunt (chairing), PatrickMurphy (scribe), PaulMarganian, StephanWitz

  • Anything to add?
    • DanaBalser: Get people to sign Stephan's request.
    • DanaBalser: Ashish was testing new style sheet, broke something on the test server; if this was on the plan of record, GB would have known.
    • StephanWitz: ties in to closely related topic. Two ways to extract info from OpenSky. One way is behind CAS, s/w that "page scrapes" to pull stuff. The breakage occured when an additional form was added via the style sheet. The other way is to use CAS's proxy mechanism. Hard to say what level of work would be involved. Should we look into it more and make a proposal? Move the query servlet outside of CAS?
    • KaiGroner and StephanWitz to talk about this offline.
    • Third lookup "GetByAuthorID"? Not happening now, but need to be able to go from author ID to global ID. Needs new service?
    • Replicate database in NM (Stephan's been asked), maybe in GB and CV too? (.. missed some discussion here) Watch for Carl's tools (for immediate foreseeable future).
  • Review of tasks:
    1. All: approve/other MR: UserDatabaseMR1T309 [NOT DONE]
    2. GarethHunt: 2-weekly meeting reservations. [Discussed]
    3. StephanWitz and KaiGroner coordinate about SQL queries on OpenSky shell acct (avoid repetitive large dumps of data) [Not done yet]
    4. PaulMarganian: send KaiGroner complete list of DSS users
      • KaiGroner: we synced once, do we need to keep doing? As needed.
    5. AmyShelton to remove DSS inheritance from OPT account (StephanWitz to provide credentials for latter)
      • StephanWitz: thinks it has been done. "reduce to one crappy bogus account (from 3)"
  • Problems correcting user's contact information (KaiGroner) Because BOS pulls in all contact info from PST, some of that is incomplete, missing, or wrong. Reservationists are used to fixing it, and Kai added a banner saying "changes don't persist"... resulting in questions. Need to push stuff upstream. Can the reservationists correct the information in PST? Stephan can't (regular user account). There are several different types of account; who has admin accounts. Confusion over privileges available for accounts. Transfer only differences, like the ESS->Phonebook system?
    • Set reservationists up with individual PST accounts (Kai will contact Ashish) and sufficient privileges.
    • Someone to help train users.
    • Dana to arrange for someone other than Nicole to have "admin" access.
  • Populating ALMA's user registry from the NRAO user database (JohnHibbard) John not present. Do we just give them an XML dump? Frequency of syncing? Punt until he can comment further. Kai thinks Mark Lacy said they're not syncing now. Dana thinks we need to get our act together first. One-off XML dump is probably the way to go for now.

-- DanaBalser - 2009-11-19
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