Meeting Minutes (09 October 2009)

User Database (aka, single database, CAS, etc.)

Attending: DanaBalser, NicoleRadziwill, GarethHunt, KaiGroner, PatMurphy, DavidHalstead, AmyShelton

A proposal was discussed to better coordinate the development of the User Database by creating a Plan of Record (separate from the PST) and by early 2010 move to a development cycle of 6 weeks. The Plan of Record would include both planned requested (MR's, based on the 6 week cycle) and unplanned requests. Any unplanned requests require the agreement of the following stakeholders:

  • PST: Balser
  • OPT: Witz
  • DSS: Shelton
  • BOS: Groner

An interface control document will be created to specify the API and output syntax from the services that enable communication with the user database. There needs to be a deadline for the signatures of the stakeholders where consent will be assumed if not signed. Any disputes that cannot be reconciled will be arbitrated by the division heads. The contractor, OpenSky, should only have one point of contact regarding the agreed upon work. This, of course, does not include technical discussions, etc.

-- DanaBalser - 2009-10-12
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