Task Names (changes noted by **)

Available tasks:

accum        : Accumulate calibration solutions into a cumulative table
almasimmos   : ALMA mosaic simulation task (prototype)
bandpass     : Calculate a bandpass calibration solution
blcal        : Calculate a baseline-based calibration solution
browsetable  : Browse a visibility data set or calibration table
clean        : Calculate a deconvolved image with selected clean algorithm
clearcal     : Re-initialize visibility data set calibration data
clearplot    : Clear matplotlib plotter and all layers
clrstat      : Clear all read/write locks on tables
** clearstat
concat       : Concatenate two visibility data sets
contsub      : Continuum fitting and subtraction in the uv plane
** uvcontsub
correct      : Apply calculated calibration solutions
** applycal
deconvolve   : Image based deconvolver
exportfits   : Convert a CASA image to a FITS image
exportuvfits : Export MS to UVFITS file
feather      : Feather together two images
filecatalog  : File Catalog GUI
flagautocorr : Flag autocorrelations (typically in a filled VLA data set)
flagdata     : Flag data based on time, baseline, antenna, clip, etc
flagmanager  : Enable list, save, restore and delete of flag versions
fluxscale    : Bootstrap the flux density scale from standard calibraters
fringecal    : Calculate a baseline-based fringe-fitting solution
ft           : Fourier transform the specified model (or component list)
gaincal      : Calculate temporal gain calibration solutions
imhead       : List/set image header properties
immoments    : Compute moments from an image
importasdm   : Convert an ALMA Science Data Model directory to an (MS)
importfits   : Convert a FITS image to a CASA image
importuvfits : Convert a UVFITS file to a CASA visibility data set
importvla    : Convert VLA archive file(s) to a CASA visibility data set
invert       : Calculate a dirty image and dirty beam
listcal      : List calibration solutions to terminal
listhistory  : List the processing history of a data set
listobs      : List the observations in a data set
** listsummary
makemask     : Calculate mask from image or visibility data set
mosaic       : Calculate a multi-field deconvolved image with selected
clean algorithm
plotants     : Plot the antenna distribution in local reference frame
plotcal      : Plot calibration solutions
plotxy       : Plot points for selected X and Y axes
pointcal     : Calculate pointing error calibration
regridimage  : Grid image to same shape and coordinates as template
restore      : Restore all parameters to defaults
setjy        : Compute the model visibility for a specified source flux
smooth       : Produce a smoothed calibration table
** smoothcal
split        : Copy a subset of an ms, with averaging
uvmodelfit   : Fit a single component source model to the uv data
viewer       : View an image or visibility data set

Additional tasks suggested for beta release:

imagemath    : Image combinations
imcopy       : Copy part or all of an image
immodelfit   : Fit Gaussian(s) to an image
imstat       : List image statistics
**imhead     : Retrieve/change image header variables
                replaces gethead/puthead
listobs      : List selected part of a measurement set
pbcor        : Correct image for primary beam attenuation
quack        : Remove beginning or end of a scan
gethead      : Retrieve ms header items
puthead      : Replace ms header items
tbgethead    : Retrieve table header items
tbputhead    : Replace table header items

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