TTA Tools: Wednesday, 1 pm MT, 3 pm ET, 31 October 2018


CV-Aud/GB-Aud/SO-220, Aud Hub Audio 434-817-6279



Attending: DanaBalser, JeffKern, AnandCrossley, ToneyMinter, MarkClaussen, AmyMioduszewski, LorantSjouwerman, StephanWitz

  • SRDP Specification. We discussed the Specification of SRDP in the PST document drafted by JeffKern. This document list the things we need to capture at the proposal stage to generate scheduling blocks (SBs) and to generate SRDPs. Some discussion points:
    • Ephemeris: It was unclear if it was necessary for the proposer to include the ephemeris at the proposal stage. We need this to generate SRDPs for such projects but this could be included at the observing stage. StephanWitz noted that this should not be a problem on the software side. It was agreed that if we required that it be included at the proposal side that we would need to allow the user to modify it before the observations. It was not clear how this was used for VLA scheduling. AmyMioduszewski will ask BryanButler about scheduling and his opinion about the importance of including this at the proposal stage.
    • SRDP and the Allocation Request: We agreed that the specification of SRDPs would be tied to each Allocation Target. There should be an option to use the observatory calibration (default) or not and this is tied to the Allocation Request; that is, if the proposer needs polarization calibration then this is done for all Allocation Targets. But there may be differences in the SRDP specification for the Allocation Targets (e.g., different image sizes).
    • Angular Extent and Resolution: Most people felt that we should not have radio buttons allowing for only a finite number of resolutions. We agreed that there should be two options when specifying the restoring beam: (1) uniform using the lowest frequency or largest beam; and (2) per plane.
    • Largest Angular Size: For the wizard mode this would be used to determine the array configurations. LorantSjouwerman felt that this was not the best way to specify this information because it depends on other things (e.g., beam shape). LorantSjouwerman will think about a better way.
    • Polarization Products: currently lists the options I, IQU, and IQUV, but JeffKern thinks the SRDP committee put V out of scope. Some discussion about whether V is necessary (e.g., used for Zeeman and pulsars but maybe not appropriate for SRDP). JeffKern will check if V is in scope and if not why.
    • Continuum Subtraction: we should include whether to do continuum subtraction or not as an option instead of whether the line is in emission or absorption. But the latter would be useful for other things (e.g., flagging).
  • Next Week. We will continue with SRDP. In the following weeks we will work on Resource Specification (e.g, use ALMA model?) and Metrics.
  • Action Items.
    1. AmyMioduszewski will ask BryanButler about including an ephemeris at the proposals stage and VLA scheduling.
    2. LorantSjouwerman will think about a better way to specify the array configurations needed.
    3. JeffKern will check what the SRDP requirements committee had to say about V polarization.
    4. AnandCrossley will start to prepare a list of metrics related to TTA that we can discuss within the current framework.

-- DanaBalser - 2018-10-17

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