TTA Tools: Wednesday, 1 pm MT, 3 pm ET, 26 September 2018


CV-331/GB-137/SO-317, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • Elaborate Use Cases


Attending: JeffKern, AnandCrossley, RyanLynch, MarkClaussen, AmyMioduszewski

We discussed two use cases at this meeting:
  • Use Case 4.1.7 Pulsar HSA Observations:
    • For HSA Allocation Requests the user should select the stations to be used.
    • Instead of capturing and attempting to validate detailed tuning specifications only the Rx Band(s) should be captured during the proposal stage.
      • The administrative overhead in maintaining the information for external stations was felt to outweigh the advantages of being able to validate this.
    • For the case of additional resources (GUPPI, Simultaneous use of the VLA observation, etc) the additional resources should be attached to the HSA allocation request and are not an additional allocation request.
  • Use Case 4.1.11 All Sky Survey
    • This was really a discussion about large observing programs
    • For Large Projects the Data Management Plan should be broken out into a separate section.
    • A table of products to be delivered provided to the community including sizes should be specified. Particularly if the DM plan is to have NRAO SRDP host the products for the team.
    • We had a discussion about the need to capture additional information on the Observing Plan, in conclusion we think that in most cases this is captured already and perhaps the special case of avoiding "eating up" all of the time at a particular LST is not actually common enough to warrant being captured.
    • In this discussion we realized that an additional type of time constraint "Night Time" should be added to the discussion from last week.

-- JeffKern - 2018-09-26
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