TTA Tools: Friday, 11 am MT, 1 pm ET, 24 August 2018


CV-331/SO-280/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286



Attending: DanaBalser, JeffKern, MarkClaussen, AmyMioduszewski, ToneyMinter, RyanLynch

  • Action Items from 17 August 2018
    1. Use Cases. The following Use Cases were identified for future discussion.
      • VLA Sub-arrays: We currently have issues with sub-arrays in the PST and we need to make sure these are handled okay by the proposed structure.
      • Variable Cadence: This may be more of a complication with scheduling but we should check that there are no issues. For example, monitoring a pulsar where there is fixed time at the start of the monitoring, then a variable cadence, and then a fixed cadence.
      • Simultaneous Observations: For example, observing with the VLA and HST.
      • HSA Plus VLA: An HSA observation that includes the VLA plus VLA only observations.
      • NanoGrav: An open-sky/sponsored proposal where the exact division of time between open-sky and sponsored is not known. This might occur for a multi-year proposal since the dollars/time changes each year.
    2. Wiki Page. The wiki page has been created. The goal is to have the most recent draft uploaded for review before the meeting.
  • Details of the Allocation Request.
    • DDT/Sponsored: At the last meeting we decided it was best to specify a DDT at the proposal level, but other properties (e.g., Sponsored) would be at the allocation request. But Sponsored proposals can be submitted at any time (like a DDT), and in practice the resources available are different for those planned in the next semester as opposed to the current semester. The software needs to be able to distinguish between these two. JeffKern suggested we define two types: current and semester (not the exact phases used). So a DDT would always go into the "current", whereas a Sponsored might go into either depending on the type of Sponsored proposal. MarkClaussen was concerned that we may be adding an extra layer. ToneyMinter wondered if the one nanoGrav open-sky/sponsored proposal was not torquing the discussion. Maybe we just do not allow this situation. We agreed to table the discussion for another time.
    • Sources/Resources: We discussed how to organize resources and sources. ToneyMinter and RyanLynch felt the current model of a group of sources and a group of resources works well. MarkClaussen and AmyMioduszewski suggested we use tools like the SCT and RCT to setup the details. DanaBalser pointed out that a requirement (for some projects) is to enable the generation of SBs automatically (for the VLA and VLBA), and therefore we do not want to require the user to go through these details. The ALMA OT allows the user to specify some of these details. Of course ALMA limits what the user can do and we have to be more flexible. JeffKern suggested a wizard and expert mode.
    • Source Integration Time: We briefly discussed where and how the time should be specified. There are many examples of where the sensitivity is not used to estimate the time (e.g., pulsar timing, uv-coverage). So while we may want the user to be able to specify sensitivity to calculate the time, we need to accommodate other options. Most felt that we really need to tie the time to each source; that is, there are enough cases where during an SB we would observe multiple sources and they would require different integration times. JeffKern suggested we think of a unit, which he called Target, to be comprised of a source, front-end/back-end info, and time. We need to flesh out the link between the products defined by the user, the Target, and the SBs. That is, the observing strategy needs to be included.
  • New Meeting Time. There are two options: (1) Mondays at 3-4 pm ET (1-2 pm MT); or (2) Wednesdays at 3-5 pm ET (1-3 pm MT) where we alternate between the two hours since not everyone can make either slot.
  • Action Items.
    1. DanaBalser will try to converge on a time slot for future meetings and send this to the group.

-- DanaBalser - 2018-08-23
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