TTA Tools: Wednesday, 2 pm MT, 4 pm ET, 12 December 2018


CV-331/GB-137/SO-317, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • Discuss Requirements Document
    • VLA Configurations
    • Proposal Handling with Allocation Requests
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, MarkClaussen, RyanLynch, ToneyMinter

  • Discuss Requirements Document
    • Overall. RyanLynch and MarkClaussen have read part of the requirements document draft. So far no major issues, but there is some concern that the terminology is confusing and we may want to rethink some of the terms.
    • Proposal Handling with Allocation Requests. DanaBalser summarized how the current process works. In particular, scheduling priorities are atomized at the PST Session level with the caveat that sources can be removed due to conflicts. In the current scheme it seems natural to assign scheduling priorities at the scheduling block level for the VLA/VLBA and at the DSS session level for the GBT. Previously, we have discussed the need for software to take the the information within an allocation request(s) and create scheduling blocks and that this is the unit used for scheduling. Overall we agreed this is a reasonable approach. The algorithm used by ALMA should work for the VLA and probably the VLBA. There will be some significant differences for the GBT but it should be doable. MarkClaussen had some concerns for the VLBA since much of the scheduling software to make this happen does not exist, but in principle the structure should work for the VLBA. We agreed that this software needs to be at the proposal stage and then should feed into the scheduling/observing system software. ToneyMinter noted that we should make it clear in the review process that the Director can change the scheduling priority and that there are external TACs to consider for the HSA and GMVA. We briefly discussed how scheduling priorities would be handled for the HSA and GMVA. For example, an HSA proposal that includes the GBT where the TAC allocates the time for all stations except the GBT. How do these priorities propagate downstream? MarkClaussen also pointed out that for the GMVA there are standard stations that are always part of the array plus non standard stations (GBT and ALMA) that have to be requested as additional stations.
  • Action Items
    1. Please send DanaBalser any written comments on the draft document. We will discuss any major issues at the next meeting plus complete the metrics discussion.

-- DanaBalser - 2018-12-11
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