TTA Tools: Wednesday, 2 pm MT, 4 pm ET, 05 September 2018


CV-331/GB-137/SO-317, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • Action Items from 24 August 2018
    1. New Time Slot (Dana)
  • Allocation Request: sources/resources (All)
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Attending: DanaBalser, JeffKern, AnandCrossley, AmyMioduszewski, ToneyMinter, LorantSjouwerman, StephanWitz

  • Action Items from 24 August 2018
    1. New Time Slot. We will use either Wednesday 3-4 ET/1-2MT or 4-5 ET/2-3 MT. See the wiki page for details:
  • Allocation Request: sources/resources. We discussed the concept of a Target object. This would contain the following. (1) Field: coordinate system, position, position range, field of view, velocity/redshift, velocity definition, and velocity reference frame; (2) Front End: receiver, sampler details; (3) Back End: correlator, detectors, etc; and (4) integration time. Targets could be generated either by wizard or expert mode. To produce SRDPs we are required to generate SBs automatically and therefore would need to use the wizard mode. The input to this would be the specification of the data products. We briefly discussed what this might look like. The user would specify things like image/cube, polarization/no polarization, rms -> time, spatial resolution, largest angular size. Essentially the Control Parameters section of ALMA. What about spectral lines? At what level should the user understand the details of the correlator? If they specify only a given spectral line then the observations may not be very efficient (other transitions available for free). In expert mode we need some way to produce a Target. For example, a VLA project that wants to observe 20 galaxies at C-band. From the software point of view this would be 20 Targets but if the Front End/Back End are the same we do not want the user to have to specify 20 instances. ALMA uses a K clustering algorithm that would be a good starting point for the VLA. The GBT has some advice for users on how to group sources. It would be good to produce a flow chart and run some use cases through the process.
  • Action Items:
    1. Generate some use cases to explore Targets (All)
  • Next Meeting: 12 Sep 2018 (Wednedsay) using the 4-5 ET/2-3 MT slot.

-- DanaBalser - 2018-08-30
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