TTA Tools: Wednesday, 2 pm MT, 4 pm ET, 3 October 2018


CV-331/GB-137/SO-317, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • Elaborate Use Cases


Attending: JeffKern, LorantSjouwerman, ToneyMinter, MarkClaussen, AmyMioduszewski

  • Started by discussing the "Night Time Button". Different requirements for the different telescopes:
    • GBT needs two types of night-time: Thermal Stability and RFI Night, Add a button to the solar avoidance for "sun below horizon" to capture that case.
    • VLA has a single night-time button corresponding to "observe between sunset and sunrise"
      • Should we handle the VLA the same way as the GBT solar avoidance for consistency?
    • HSA / GMVA / VLBA: This concept doesn't really make sense.
  • Validation of Inputs.
    • We have discussed the need to have the RCT and SCT integrated with the PST in the past.
    • Lorant pointed out that we need similar functionality for the VLBA which means either refactoring Sched or including part of it in the PST.
    • Agreement that validation errors are Warnings, and users have an option to ignore the warning (although are expected to explain why).
  • Discussed the VLA Sub-arraying Case
    • In the PST this is a single resource request.
    • Need to capture:
      • Number of Subarrays
      • Number of Antennas in each subarray
      • Configuration (two cases, long baselines & short baselines, and uniform) probably want to automatically do this but allow editing at the pad level.
    • Each subarray is essentially independently specified with targets, time estimator (taking into account the number of antennas) should be done on a per subarray level, and the maximum value taken as the time allocation request.
  • Case of a request for VLBA observation with Y1 and simultaneous observation with the VLA
    • Two allocation requests (VLBA & Y1, and the VLA)
    • Time constraint for simultaneous observing connecting the two.
  • Errata:
    • Pointed out the the sensitivity calculator for the HST needs to take into account the actual time the source is observable from each of the stations.

-- JeffKern - 2018-10-04
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