Student Observing Support (SOS): Meeting Minutes (1 September 2015)

Attending: DanaBalser, JeffMangum, AlisonPeck

  • 16A SOS. Our understanding was that the VLA, GBT, and VLBA will be available for SOS in semester 16A with an emphasis on the VLA. We agreed that the NRAO should be clear about the reason for the emphasis toward the VLA else folks will fill in the blank. This will be advertized on the SOS pages and in the proposal disposition letters. We need to make sure the text is consistent. In the past we would advertize the SOS in the disposition letters only for accepted proposals. For ALMA there is a separate email. We agreed that a separate email might work better since it will not be embedded with other info in the proposal disposition letters. If we use a separate email then we need to provide AlisonPeck will an email list of the PI's on successful proposals. There was some discussion about who is eligible. Our understanding was that the PI of the SOS and the student must be from US institutions, but the PI of the proposals need not be the PI of the SOS. Also, it was questioned whether the student needed to be on the proposal. We thought that initially this was true, when the SOS was proposed in the PST, but that this is no longer the case.
  • SOS Software. Initially SOS for the NRAO NA was proposed in the PST, but for the last SOS call the ALMA SOS software, based on older student support software, was used. This provided a common tool and database for SOS. We briefly discussed the merits of having a separate tool and how this could interface with other tools and functionality (e.g., metrics). Since the SOS software is probably not well known within the observatory, we thought DMS should be informed, especially in light of discussions on the future of the PST/PHT tools.

Action Items:

  1. Craft SOS language for web page and emails.
  2. Use the proposal disposition email or a separate email to inform our users?
  3. Inform DMS of SOS tools.

-- DanaBalser - 2015-09-01
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