PST Status Meeting (New Tools) 27 April 2018

Attending: DanaBalser, StephanWitz, JamesSheckard, RickLivley, MorganGriffith, BrianGlendenning

We discussed the draft memo "Telescope Time Allocation (TTA) Software Requirements: Proposal Submission and Review (April 16, 2018)".

  • Proposal Type: Our PST has several additional complexities compared to the ALMA OT Phase I. In particular there are different types of proposals that are handled in different ways (e.g., Sponsored, External Joint, etc.). It would be useful to include in the requirements a matrix of the different proposals and how they are processed. This should include how to deal with joint proposals (e.g., GBT plus VLA).
  • Design Goal: There was some discussion about design. That is, split up user account, proposal creation/editing/submission, and proposal review. Many tools versus fewer tools. This is not in scope for the requirements.
  • Phase I versus Phase II: We again discussed the concern about developing the phase I software before the phase II. We agreed that it would be useful to start a discussion with the committee early on about the big picture. How the TTA software will connect to phase II and SRDPs. The committee should have the relevant expertise.
  • Actions:
    1. DanaBalser will draft milestones/timeline as input for LewisBall for the charge to the committee.
    2. This group will not meet again unless necessary. The room reservations will be kept just in case.

-- DanaBalser - 2018-04-27
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