Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 31 March 2016


CV-331/AOC-317/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 17A
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment (Dana)
    • PST Requirements (Dana)

  • AOB


Attending: BarryClark, RickLively, MarkClaussen, GustaafVanMoorsel, DanaBalser, TimBastian, JessicaUtley

  • 16B
    • Large Proposal Telecon. There is no good time available to have a productive meeting. So the plan is to: (1) send the TAC a preliminary report on 6 April; (2) ask for TAC feedback via email by 11 April; and (3) send the TAC an updated report on 13 April.
    • Preliminary TAC Report
      • VLA. BarryClark and GustaafVanMoorsel have made progress. Some issues with the PHT csv file but most of the problems have been fixed by JenPlank. There will need to be some manual edits but they should not be too difficult.
      • VLBA. MarkClaussen is a bit behind but should be able to make the 6 April deadline.
      • GBT. ToneyMinter reported before the meeting that they are having software problems. No estimated time when this will be fixed.
    • TAC f2f Meeting. Everything should be set. There is at least one TAC member who will not attend in person, possibly another. DanaBalser will ask ToneyMinter about a possible GBT tour.

  • 17A
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment. MarkClaussen has created the 17A semester on the Google Doc and it will be displayed by default. There are only 4 SRP vacancies. TimBastian and JessicaUtley will provide MarkClaussen with the last semester for each TAC member.
    • PST Requirements. Time to start planning for PST requirements. In particular, are there any significant changes to telescope resources.

-- DanaBalser - 2016-03-30
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