Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 28 January 2016


CV-331/AOC-317/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 16B
    • Status (Dana)
    • PST Review Items (Dana, Rick, Jen)
    • SRP Recruitment (Mark C., Dave)

  • AOB


Attending: BarryClark, RickLively, JenPlank, MarkClaussen, HeidiMedlin, ToneyMinter, DavidFrayer, DanaBalser, GarethHunt

  • 16B
    • Status. There have been 9 proposals submitted (one HST external) with 203 proposal drafts. There have been 11 helpdesk tickets with mostly routine issues. There have been 33 udb-admin tickets this month (compared to 49 last semester at this time). So the numbers are down but we are still getting too many people who cannot find their institution, even though it exists. GarethHunt will talk with RickLively on some simple changes to the registration interface that may help.
    • PST Review Items. We discussed the remaining items to complete and test.
      • EVL-3198: Add a button on the Reviews Summary page which exports (csv file) the conflict information. In progress.
      • EVL-3082: PST: Accept Reviews flag not getting cleared when stage advanced. The plan is to clear the database before moving to this phase. Testing has indicated there may still be issues.
      • EVL-3030: PST: Accept Conflict Status. Related to EVL-3082. RickLively will monitor this issue so we can learn what causes the problem and fix it when necessary.
      • EVL-3035: PST: Technical Review Import Issue. Not sure of the status.
      • EVL-3032: PST: Technical Review Assignments. Currently being tested.
      • EVL-3031: PST: Read-only Technical Justification. Done. Need to test.
      • EVL-3029: PST: Switch Proposal Panel. Done. Need to test. This will be tricky so we will leave this to last.
    • SRP Recruitment. Four vacancies to be filled; one each in SFM, ETP, NGA, and AGN.

-- DanaBalser - 2016-01-27
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