Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 24 September 2015


CV-331/AOC-317/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 16A
    • Review Status (Dana)
    • PHT Status (Gustaaf, Barry, Jen, Rick)
    • GB PHT Status (Toney)
    • TAC F2F Meeting Logistics (JJ, Mark C.)

  • 16B
    • PST Priorities (Dave, Dana)
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment (Mark C., Dave, Jay, Tim)

  • AOB


Attending: BarryClark, RickLively, MarkClaussen, HeidiMedlin, ClaireChandler, GustaafVanMoorsel, DanaBalser

  • 16A
    • Review Status. The consensus reviews were completed Wednesday (23 Sept), a couple of days later than planned. The PST has been moved to the next phase (Linearize SRP Scores) to begin preparation for the TAC meeting. The large proposal telecon will be held on 9 Oct, 10am-1pm EDT. Two TAC members will not be able to attend. Some proposal info (proposal PDFs) has been already been sent to the TAC. The plan is to release the PST TAC Meeting page (with linear rank scores), and preliminary priorities, plots, etc. on 5 Oct. A few PST related items:
      • Joint Chandra Proposals. The appropriate meta-data for joint Chandra proposals was not included for 16A. DanaBalser will include this info in the SRP TAC comment textbox. This will then be visible in both the PST and PHT.
      • Source Conflicts. DanaBalser will add text to the SRP instructions to include information in the TAC comments textbox about how to deal with conflicts. BarryClark noticed this was an issue with LIGO proposals in 16A.
    • PHT Status. Data has been downloaded from the PST for the VLA and VLBA and progress is being made. The VLASS will not impact the B configuration.
    • GB PHT Status. ToneyMinter was not at the meeting but has started this process.
    • TAC F2F Meeting Logistics. MarkClaussen will check if LoriAppel is the Socorro contact for logistics. MarkClaussen has contacted the three TAC members who will not be present in Socorro. One has a polycom system, another will not have one available, and he is waiting to hear back from the third. The plan is to use the polycom for video, phone for those without video, and WebEx for displaying the PHT for those without video. MarkClaussen, ClaireChandler, and DanaBalser will test this with one external TAC member to make sure it works.

  • 16B
    • PST Priorities. We will use the next TTA meeting (1 Oct) to discuss PST priorities. These will be organized in JIRA and we will not be using the wiki Plan of Record for 16B.
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment. MarkClaussen has updated the Google Doc and we have 16 SRP vacancies to recruit and 1 TAC member. It would be good to know if the TAC member will be drawn from the SRP since this will add one more vacancy. The plan is to start recruiting in October.

-- DanaBalser - 2015-09-21
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