Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 21 May 2015


CV-331/AOC-317/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 15B
    • PHT Issues (Jen, Rick)
    • Disposition Letters (Mark, Gustaaf, Barry)
    • TAC Report (Dana)
    • Science Program (Dana)

  • 16A
    • SRP/TAC Recruiting (Mark, Dave)
    • PST Testing (Dana, Jen, Rick)

  • AOB


Attending: BarryClark, RickLively, JenPlank, HeidiMedlin, MarkClaussen, DanaBalser, LorantSjouwerman, GarethHunt, GustaafVanMoorsel

  • 15B
    • PHT Issues.
      • GBT Proposals. GBT15B-160 (open skies) and GBT15B-999 (sponsored) are not being handled correctly in the PHT. JenPlank thinks these are fixed.
      • Technical Reviews. Some technical reviews are not in the disposition letters. This is an issue with the SRP flag being complete but not saved for some proposals. This occurs for SRP chairs. The PHT checks both of these flags. In the past JoanWrobel would close out the reviews for SRP chairs. This was not done in 15B and it is not necessary to move to the next review cycle since SRP chairs do not have to perform reviews on all proposals. We should modify the PHT so that it only looks at the complete flag. Odd that this should matter given they are "technical" reviews. RickLively modified the PST database for 15B so this should now work.
      • Sponsored Proposals. In the past ToneyMinter was able to create disposition letters for Sponsored proposals but now these are blank. MarkClaussen did this manually last semester for the VLBA. JenPlank is looking into this issue.
      • Carryover Proposals. Carryover proposal use to be included when disposition letters were created. This "bug" was suppose to be fixed but it seems to persist for the VLBA.
      • Director's Review. The VLA csv file generated for the Director's review has several duplicates. It was suggested that these may be related to different configurations, but it is hard to tell since all configurations are listed in both cases.
      • Procedure. There was some discussion about the procedure for creating and sending the disposition letters. For the VLA/VLBA, when the disposition letters are created they pull TAC comments from the PST and allocation info from the PHT to create the disposition letters. They can be generated all at once or for one proposal at a time. For the GBT, the TAC comments are imported as "GBSE" comments. Once the disposition letters have been submitted we typically wait about one week to make sure there are no issues before we export the time and letters to the PST.
    • Disposition Letters. BarryClark and MarkClaussen have created the VLA and VLBA disposition letters, respectively, and are in the process of vetting them.
    • TAC Report. DanaBalser is working on the report. Since the URL will change we need to update the default link used in the disposition letters.
    • Science Program. No action.

  • 16A
    • SRP/TAC Recruiting. MarkClaussen has gotten suggestions for 2 of 3 outgoing SRP chairs. We need to replace 7 total SRP members assuming TimBastian promotes SRP members to the TAC.
    • PST Testing. No action.

-- DanaBalser - 2015-05-13

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