Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 18 June 2015


CV-331/AOC-317/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 15B
    • WVU Sponsored Proposals (Toney)

  • 16A
    • Call for Proposals (All)
    • PST Testing (All)
    • VLA Exposure Calculator (Mark, Rick)
    • PST Review Requirements (Dana, Jen, Rick)
    • PHT Requirements (Barry, Gustaaf, Jen, Rick)
    • SRP Recruiting (Mark, Dave)
    • TAC Recruiting (Tim)

  • AOB


Attending: BarryClark, EmmanuelMomjian, RickLively, JenPlank, HeidiMedlin, ClaireChandler, LorantSjouwerman, ToneyMinter, DanaBalser, DavidFrayer

  • 15B
    • WVU Sponsored Proposals. A contract was signed with WVU, but the deadline date is not yet known. These will be defined as 15B proposals.

  • 16A
    • Call for Proposals. The VLA is essentially done. There is one issue with the VLBA concerning the availability report. ClaireChandler will decide how to proceed. The GBT is done. Appropriate language has been added for the GBT C-band receiver and VLBI. Work is still required for the News and Opportunities section. ClaireChandler has added text concerning the LMT.
    • PST Testing. MarkClaussen has tested the integration defaults for the VLA. There is a minor issue concerning a warning when changing 8-bit defaults. The LST calculator has not been released since there are still some issues. We agree to punt on this item for 16A as there are more pressing items. It is possible to create proposals with authors that have disabled accounts. A check at validation has been coded but we worry that if this occurs a lot then we will get many helpdesk tickets right before the deadline if proposers wait to validate their proposal. RickLively will check how often this occurred in 15B.
    • VLA Exposure Calculator. No work on VLA exposure calculator. There is one existing bug that we may not be able to fix this cycle.
    • PST Review Requirements. The plan is to start working on these items now and then switch over to PHT items. JenPlank will begin work on the SRP export file ticket.
    • PHT Requirements. BarryClark and GustaafVanMoorsel will collect all items and set priorities. DanaBalser will create a PoR.
    • SRP Recruiting. Only two vacancies to fill (1 SSP and 1 ETP).
    • TAC Recruiting. Last report was 1 vacancy.

  • AOB

-- DanaBalser - 2015-06-17
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