Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 15 January 2015


CV-331/AOC-317/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • SSA/WDG reorganization (Stephan)

  • 15B
    • CfP AAS/Updates (Dana)
    • Sponsored Proposal Deadline (Dana)
    • PST (Dana, Jen, Rick)
      • Status
      • Review Items
    • PHT PoR (Gustaaf/Barry)
    • SRP/TAC Reminder (Dana/JJ)
    • SRP Recruitment (Mark/Dave)
    • TAC Recruitment (Tim)

  • AOB


Attending: BarryClark, RickLively, JenPlank, HeidiMedlin, MarkClaussen, MeriStanley, RickAn, GustaafVanMoorsel, LorantSjouwerman, DanaBalser, ToneyMInter, DavidFrayer, GarethHunt, TimBastian, StephanWitz

  • SSA/WDG reorganization. StephanWitz summarized the reorganization. RickAn and DanielLyons will be leaving NRAO and the SSA group will be mereged with the WDG group under StephanWitz. In the near term there should be little change in support for the PST and PHT.

  • 15B
    • CfP AAS/Updates. The CfP should be advertized in the AAS newsletter 15 Jan (today). Any updates to the CfP in the future should be send to DanaBalser and TimBastian.
    • Sponsored Proposal Deadline. We agreed to change the Sponsored proposal deadline to 2 March 2015. TimBastian will discuss this with the relevant people at RadioAstron and SHAO. Whether WVU will be a sponsor for 15B has yet to be decided. Source conflicts will be determined using the following rules: if a Sponsored proposal has a conflict with another proposal in a previous semester then they will not be allowed to observe this source, but if the Sponsored proposal has a conflict with another proposal in the current semester then only they will be allowed to observe this source.
    • PST
      • Status. Several bug fixes were made: problems deleting GBT proposals with VEGAS resources and incorrect Resource information in the pdf for GUPPI resources. There is an issue with the GBT resource MUSTANG which is both a receiver and back-end. The new resource (MUSTANG1.5) that replaced the old (MUSTANG) was updated in the receiver name but not the back-end name. We agreed to fix this in 16A in the PST. For now we will translate these resource names in the PST when exporting to the the GB PHT.
      • Review Items. JenPlank is altering the import/export format for individual reviews to allow for better formatting (include line breaks in the review text). The other review items should be strait forward to implement.
    • PHT PoR. BarryClark has populated the PHT PoR with items and put them in JIRA. The PHT users (BarryClark, GustaafVanMoorsel, MarkClaussen, HeidiMedlin) will get together (in the next week) and prioritize. The software group will then provide resources estimates. We need to finalize the requirements by 1 Feb.
    • SRP/TAC Reminder. JessicaUtley has sent out reminders to the continuing SRP and TAC members. Some EGS members will be attending a meeting during the first SRP telecon window and so it may be difficult to schedule this panel.
    • SRP Recruitment. DavidFrayer has 1 SRP slot to fill in AGN with a request pending. MarkClaussen has 1 SRP slot to fill in ETP with a request pending, and 1 SRP slot to fill in ISM (for 15 B only) with a request pending.
    • TAC Recruitment. TimBastian has 1 TAC position (NGA) to fill with several rejections.

-- DanaBalser - 2015-01-12
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