Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 14 September 2017


CV-331/AOC-152/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286



Attending: ToneyMinter, DanaBalser, JaredCrossley, GarethHunt, BarryClark, MarkClaussen, AmyMioduszewski, HeidiMedlin

  • 17B
    • VLA/17B-367. There was an issue with one source for this proposal that had priority N that BarryClark thought should be priority A. We agreed to change this session to A.
  • 18A
    • SRP Telecons. We are about half way through the SRP telecons. The AGN SRP is a bit behind but have plans to catch up. After this week we will have completed 5 of 8 SRPs. We have not yet normalized the scores for NGA, SFM, and ETP which all have telecons next week. Waiting for one reviewer to complete scores in the NGA and SFM SRPs. For ETP there appears to have been a mix up of which proposals to review and we are still waiting for folks to catch up. There are two proposals with only two reviews and the chair has asked for additional reviews for these two.
    • PHT. We passed on this item since RickLively was not able to make the meeting.
    • TAC Meeting. Please send DanaBalser any feedback on the agenda.
  • 18B
    • Timeline. Please send DanaBalser any feedback on the timeline.
    • SRP/TAC Recruiting. MarkClaussen has put various documents on the google doc page and will inform the other recruiters to begin recruiting. DanaBalser will inform LewisBall to let MarkClaussen know if he plans to recruit the AGN chair from the current panel.
    • PST Software. There are three PST software efforts. (1) General PST updates (e.g., Telescope Resource updates). (2) Update the PST review process to help mitigate the high loads in some SRPs and to help the SRP chairs manage the process. (3) Session-less PST. The specific timelines and priorities are being discussed and should be resolved soon. The plan is to discuss (1) at the next TTA meeting (28 September).
  • AOB
    • No TTA meeting next week (21 September), the next meeting will be in two weeks (28 September).

-- DanaBalser - 2017-09-12
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