Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 13 October 2016


CV-331/AOC-317/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • Introductions
  • 17A
    • TAC Meeting
      • Reports (Dana)
      • Logistics (JJ)
      • Technical Support (Gareth)
  • 17B
    • PST (Dana)
  • PST Sessions (All)
  • AOB


Attending: BarryClark, RickLively, MarkClaussen, HeidiMedlin, ToneyMinter, DavidFrayer, GarethHunt, DanaBalser, JessicaUtley, LewisBall, TimBastian

  • Introductions. TimBastian introduces LewisBall, new Assistant Director of SSR, to the TTA group.
  • 17A
    • TAC Meeting
      • Reports. We are almost ready. The GBO report is now final. GarethHunt will check the WebEx instructions. Once ready JessicaUtley will send out the email to the TAC.
      • Logistics. JessicaUtley reports that the travel arrangements, lodging, coffee breaks, and lunches are set. Six TAC members will be present with 2 remote.
      • Technical Support. Main.Gareth is coordinating tests with 2 TAC members. Hopefully one can be done this week, but the other will have to wait until just before the TAC meeting. He will test WebEx tomorrow (Friday).
  • 17B
    • PST. The PST requirements were reviewed last week and the list prioritized. A few more issues were noted:
      • SSA-3759 Issues with HSA Checkbox on VLBA Resources. DanaBalser submitted a ticket concerning the HSA checkbox in the VLBA Resources page. The HSA station VLA-Y27 can be selected without the HSA checkbox selected and the resource saved. This is a bug and causes problems in the PHT where these proposals are not indicated as HSA proposals.
      • SSA-3760 improve navigation. RickLively reported that GustaafVanMoorsel submitted a ticket concerning navigation in the UI.
      • RickLively reported that GustaafVanMoorsel noted a problem with Shared Risk proposals for the VLA. It is difficult to find this status within a proposal. When a proposal is Shared Risk because of a high data rate the Resource Name indicates Shared Risk, but other factors are not obvious (e.g., need to read technical justification). It would be good to have a better indicator. Part of the problem is that some of this information is in GOST and not readily available.
  • PST Sessions. DanaBalser summarizes the issues discussed two weeks ago. Here are some of the discussion points today.
    • GBT Use Cases. ToneyMinter and DavidFrayer noted that the GBO support staff are working on Use Cases and in the next week should populate a google doc. DanaBalser will review this within 1-2 weeks and then setup a meeting the the GBO folks.
    • VLBA. Currently there is only one Use Case for the VLBA. MarkClaussen will have a look and try to craft a few more. He feels that dealing with overhead time is not a big issue. More important is multi-semester projects that have to be observed with some cadence.
    • VLA. BarryClark feels the VLA is in pretty good shape. He would like to see some implementation details; in particular how data will flow from the PST to the PHT. DanaBalser will contact RafaelHiriart to check on the status of his document.
    • Session Details. DavidFrayer notes two issues. (1) the user should be allowed to input the overhead (which is the current plan). (2) It would be good to include some of the Session details under Resources. For example, the min/max LST. The point of removing Sessions, however, is to get away from these parameters that are specific to scheduling/Observing. The question is will this significantly effect the pressure plots used in the review process. Working on the Use Cases might flesh this out.
    • Scheduling Constraints. We discussed proposals that have some scheduling constraints but they are not regular and therefore not easily captured but the monitoring parameters. This was pointed out two weeks ago by LorantSjouwerman. This is rare on the VLA but is estimated to occur about 15% or the time on the VLBA and about 25% of the time on the GBT. The plan was for this to be captured in the comments box. Can we capture this information more automatically?

-- DanaBalser - 2016-10-12
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