Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 09 June 2016


CV-331/AOC-317/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 17A
    • CfP (Dana)
    • PST
      • VLA Sessions (Dana)
      • Testing (Dana, Rick, Dave)
    • TAC Recruitment (Tim)
    • SRP Recruitment (Dave)

  • AOB


Attending: BarryClark, ClaireChandler, HeidiMedlin, RickLively, GustaafVanMoorsel, LorantSjouwerman, ToneyMinter, BryanButler, GarethHunt, DanaBalser

  • 17A
    • CfP. The CfP text should be finalized by 27 June (Monday), 9am EDT. ByranButler reported that the VLA is almost done; need to add a few plots and some text. JonRomney and WalterBrisken are working on the VLBA call; BryanButler will check the status. ToneyMinter reported that the GBT is almost done; some remaining budget decisions about student observing support.
    • PST
      • VLA Sessions. We agreed to the changes suggested by GustaafVanMoorsel (minor edits), and LorantSjouwerman (remove last section on OPT). We have almost converged but BryanButler has some concerns that we are telling them to game the system. He will look at the text and provide feedback.
      • Testing. RickLively reported that all tickets have been released except for the GMVA item. ToneyMinter will ask DavidFrayer about the status of the GBT VEGAS tickets. DanaBalser has reviewed many of the tickets.
    • TAC Recruitment. TimBastian reported offline that EGS might be filled; no luck so far with ISM.
    • SRP Recruitment. No news.
  • AOB
    • Accounts. GarethHunt reported the status of his account de-duping campaign. He has done about 90 out of 130 accounts and is on the letter "V". The letters W, Y, and Z are typically harder since these contain many Asian names which are very common. He will also have RickLively run a script to "lock" out the disabled accounts. He will also target old NRAO accounts (e.g., people that have left).

-- DanaBalser - 2016-06-08
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