Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 03 March 2016


CV-331/AOC-317/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 16B
    • SRP Telecons
      • Technical Reviews (Toney, Mark C., Barry)
      • Science Reviews (Dana)
      • Release Info to SRP (Dana, JJ)
    • PHT Tickets (Gustaaf, Barry, Jen, Rick)
    • TAC Logistics (Dana, JJ)
    • PST DDT Proposals/Public Bit (Dana, Gareth)

  • AOB


Attending: BarryClark, RickLively, JenPlank, MarkClaussen, ClaireChandler, GustaafVanMoorsel, LorantSjouwerman, ToneyMinter, DavidFrayer, DanaBalser, GarethHunt

  • 16B
    • SRP Telecons
      • Technical Reviews. All reviews are done and have been vetted. MarkClaussen noted that about 10% of the VLA/VLBA technical reviews were modified (most were minor changes). Sometimes the proposer uses the full band to calculate the rms for spectral line projects. It was not obvious if we could make this more clear in the documentation.
      • Science Reviews. Four SRPs have delayed their individual review deadlines until next week since their first telecon is during the second week. Two of the remaining four SRPs are late. One issue is that two reviewers did not understand the instructions. They thought they only had to review proposals for which they were primary/secondary reviewers. The chair of this SRP was very organized and clearly stated they had to perform reviews for all proposals when assigning the primary/secondary people for the telecon. We discussed how to better communicate the procedures. ClaireChandler noted that ALMA (and NASA) reviewers only have to review a subset and this may have caused some confusion. This was true of one reviewer who noted this as the reason he did not perform reviews for all proposals. MarkClaussen noted that he explains this feature when recruiting and DavidFrayer will mention this to JayLockman (who recruited this SRP).
      • Release Info to SRP. We plan to release info to the NGA and SSP SRPs. BarryClark provided the source conflict list for the VLA/VLBA.
    • PHT Tickets. No much testing given the other work of the past few weeks. DanaBalser tested the new button to generate a csv file for the TAC report. Some differences between this info and what was presented at the 16A TAC meeting need to be resolved.
    • TAC Logistics. DavidFrayer agreed to be the local contact. There may be some issues with GB support (logistics: maternity leave; technical: Break Through Listen equipment arriving). DanaBalser will provide technical requirements and check with JessicaUtley about what was done last time in GB. ToneyMinter suggested a GBT tour.
    • PST DDT Proposals/Public Bit. GarethHunt noted that there are some VLBA and GBT DDT proposals that have clearly been accepted (observing time) but the public bit is not set. ToneyMinter and MarkClaussen noted they have not kept up with running the script that sets the public bit. There are also a handful DDT of proposals that were accepted (public bit is set), but have not received telescope time. GustaafVanMoorsel will look into these for the VLA. GarethHunt will send a list of proposals that should have the public bit set.

-- DanaBalser - 2016-02-24
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