Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 03 August 2017


CV-331/AOC-152/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 18A
    • Postmortem (All)
    • PST Review Item (Rick)
    • PHT Requirements (Rick, Amy, Barry, Mark C.)
    • SRP Recruitment (Mark C.)
    • Release Proposals for Review (Dana, Mark C., Toney, JJ)
  • AOB


Attending: ToneyMinter, DanaBalser, GarethHunt, LewisBall, JaredCrossley, BarryClark, RickLively, HeidiMedlin, AmyMioduszewski, MarkClaussen

  • 17B
    • GBT Disposition Letters. The GBT disposition letters were pushed to the PST in production.
  • 18A
    • Postmortem. There were 34 PST tickets and 21 Account tickets. ToneyMinter reported that one proposer was trying to submit an GBT/ARGUS proposal and had problems with the PST. They informed the ARGUS contact person but NRAO/GBO was not informed until today (2 days later). ToneyMinter will investigate. BarryClark noted that there were 34 Triggered proposal, higher than usual. RickLively noted that only one proposal had print problems due to "bad" characters that MarkClaussen fixed. Most of the Account tickets were related to password issues. There were about 90 institution requests which are not longer forwarded to the helpdesk. We will discuss possible improvements offline. There were four bugs that probably should have been detected during the testing stage.
      1. VLBA/GMVA Validate. For the VLBA/GMVA the validate check that the GST min/max button values were included used the LST function instead of the GST function. RickLively fixed this promptly.
      2. TJ LST/GST character limit. The new LST/GST technical justification text box had a character limit that caused errors for two users. RickLively fixed this after the deadline and updated the text as necessary.
      3. TJ LST/GST PDF. The last textbox involving the justification of the LST/GST min/max values was not visible in the PDF. RickLively fixed this after the deadline.
      4. GST Calculation. MarkClaussen reported that the calculation does not consider the declination and therefore the range can be larger than expected depending on the Session length. This may be a feature and not a bug but the technical reviewers will need to be aware of this issue.
    • PST Review Item. The script to exclude the GBT/Mustang 2 proposals from being reviewed technically is ready and will be run once the technical assignment are ready.
    • PHT Requirements. No action thus far. BarryClark, AmyMioduszewski, and MarkClaussen will get together and review these to generate an prioritized list.
    • SRP Recruitment. MarkClaussen reported that these are now done. We have three supplemental reviewers for ETP and AGN each.
    • Release Proposals for Review. The plan is to release proposals for review on Monday. We need to vet SRP categories (DanaBalser and MarkClaussen) and assign technical reviewers (MarkClaussen and ToneyMinter). JessicaUtley has sent welcome emails to all new reviewers and send out the SRP telecon Doodle polls. DanaBalser is drafting the release letters.
  • AOB
    • HST Proposal. ToneyMinter noticed a proposal to follow HST observations with the GBT and was wondering if they could have made use of our joint program. He will send info to DanaBalser and LewisBall.
    • Gender. LewisBall reported that JessicaUtley sent new reviewers the gender info. The plan is to briefly discuss these issues at the SRP telecon and TAC meeting as in 17B. ToneyMinter suggested we put all info on a wiki page.

-- DanaBalser - 2017-07-31
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