Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 26 September 2019


CV-331/SO-152/GB-137, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286



Attending: DanaBalser, AnandCrossley, ToneyMinter, RickLively, BarryClark, LorantSjouwerman, HeidiMedlin, AmyMioduszewski, BryanButler

  • 20A
    • PHT Review Items. AmyMioduszewski reported that no testing has been done. BarryClark noted that there may be a minor deploy to help with the Any configuration. AmyMioduszewski will check with RickLively.
    • TAC Meeting
      • Large Proposal Telecon. DanaBalser reported that JessicaUtley is still waiting on a few TAC member to complete the doodle poll to find a time. Two EGS SRP members will call-in to discuss the three Large EGS proposals that the chair is conflicted on. BarryClark question if the two VLA Large proposals that the SRP recommended to cut in time below 200 hours should still be considered as Large. For now we will consider them as Large, and probably have done so in the past, but DanaBalser will check our policy.
      • Face-to-Face meeting. DanaBalser reported that only one TAC member (SFM chair) will be attending remotely. He has sumbitted a helpdesk ticket to the IT folks and the plan is for her to use the RealPresence software to connect to the Polycom video hub. A draft agenda is here:
  • 20B
    • PST CfP Requirements. LorantSjouwerman summarized the timeline for requirements. We nominally have a two week software effort built into the CfP PST requirements. If we require additional time then we have to lobby for this with other deparments. To do this we need the details by 1 October. LorantSjouwerman and RickLively have developed a timeline. DanaBalser will put this on a wiki page and include it to the TTA email each week. LorantSjouwerman led a discussion of the resources tickets; we all agreed they should be done with high priority. ToneyMinter noted that the only item for GB is to update the software to take into account the new definition of a Large proposal. (A question came up about Large proposals starting in 20A and whether or not a user could submit a proposal for over 1000 hours. DanaBalser will check our policy.) ToneyMinter also noted that the new Sponsor will probably only require that we add the sponsor to the list; that is, no new resources. We agreed that LorantSjouwerman would take a first attempt at prioritizing the remaining items and the TTA group should comment if they disagree. Below is the list which includes the ticket type (e.g., feature, bug, etc.), the expected time (in days), the ticket number, and the title. LorantSjouwerman estimates that the Medium priority tickets above the hyphen could be done.
      • High: 6 days plus a few unknowns - do them all
        • Feat 1.00 SSA-5866 PST 20B: VLA 4-band
        • Feat 1.00 SSA-5867 PST 20B: VLA 4/P-band
        • Feat 0.50 SSA-5868 PST 20B: VLA YUPPI
        • Feat 0.50 SSA-5865 PST 20B: HSA 4 Gbps
        • Feat 0.25 SSA-5864 PST 20B: Y1
        • Feat ? SSA-5873 PST 20B: VLA data rate
        • Feat ? SSA-5863 PST 20B: GBT new sponsors?
        • Feat ? SSA-5862 PST 20B: GBT new large proposal definition (maybe also for VLA/VLBA)
        • Bug 1.00 SSA-5733 GOST 20B bug fix
        • Bug 0.50 SSA-5820 Trigger Criteria can be left blank and proposal still validates
        • Bug 0.50 SSA-5798 Negative declinations not converted correctly in Min/Max LST calc
        • Feat 0.50 SSA-5800 Configuration "Any" and "Semesters" in VLA Resource Confusing
        • Bug ? SSA-5860 PST 20B: VLA LST/elevation error
        • Feat ? SSA-5861 PST 20B: Trigger criteria wording
      • Med : do the first 2-3 days of work in this order, rest if time allows (ordered)
        • Feat 0.25 SSA-5859 PST 20B: ECT labels
        • Feat 0.50 SSA-5822 Make "Elevation" and "Season" blank by default in ECT
        • Bug 0.13 SSA-5740 Pulsar YUPPI resource failed validation
        • Bug 0.50 SSA-5732 Available authors page should not allow adding disabled accounts
        • Bug 1.00 SSA-5731 Add author search not working properly
        • ---
        • Feat 1.00 SSA-5309 Update gender input in PST
        • Feat 2.00 SSA-5766 PST 20B: elevation limit
        • Bug 0.50 SSA-4738 GST Calculation for the VLBA
        • Feat ? SSA-4225 PST: add caption field to upload figs
        • Bug ? SSA-3109 characters in source name
        • Feat ? SSA-4790 Improvement to LST calculation
        • Feat 2.00 SSA-4192 PST: NED/SIMBAD search preferences
        • ResR ? SSA-4614 Add VLA configuration for HSA Proposals
      • Low (ordered?)
        • Feat 0.50 SSA-5761 Create script to package up disposition letters **review item?**
        • Bug 0.25 SSA-5461 ECT: time conversion bug
        • Bug 0.25 SSA-5805 Changing user name threw exception
        • Bug 0.50 SSA-5657 Password reset should handle disabled accounts differently
  • Summer Student Projects. AnandCrossley queried how we should treat summer student projects: science or test time. We agreed that this should be included as test time. GarethHunt noted that in the past we treated this as science but we all agreed that it was not worth the effort to make any updates given the small amount of time.
  • AOB
    • Metrics: AnandCrossley noted that he now has a script to compare the time from the obs logs with the OPT to perform a regular quality control on the metrics. He will send results to schedsoc, BryanBulter, and DanaBalser.

-- DanaBalser - 2019-09-19
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