Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 26 August 2021


NRAO Zoom 05



Attending: DanaBalser, AllisonCosta, ToneyMinter, EmmanuelMomjian, BarryClark, AmyMioduszewski, HeidiMedlin, AnandCrossley

  • Preamble. EmmanuelMomjian noted that in the 22B Software timeline there were several typos (21B instead of 22B). DanaBalser will fix these.
  • 22A
    • Individual Reviews
      • Science. DanaBalser summarized the science review status. All SRP chairs have now assigned reviewers to proposals. A fair number of proposals with only 3 reviewer due to conflicts this semester. A few of the Large proposals only have 4 reviewers. No major issues with the software so far.
      • Technical. ToneyMinter reported no issues with the GBT technical reviews. DanaBalser noted that there are a few technical issues reported by the external facility for joint proposals and he will send these reports directly to the SRP chair before the SRP meeting.
    • SRP Meeting. DanaBalser reported that the SRP meetings are all scheduled.
    • TAC Meetings. DanaBalser reported that he has begun to schedule the times for the TAC Large proposal meeting (8 October 2021) and the regular TAC meeting (18-19 October 2021) at the request of a TAC member. Draft agendas are below. ToneyMinter noted that we need to coordinate for the transition of the GBO director which will occur during the first day of the regular TAC meeting.
  • 22B
    • PST CfP Requirements. DanaBalser reminded the TTA group to please review the tickets in the two links provided by LorantSjouwerman. We will start discussing these at the next TTA meeting. ToneyMinter reported that we may have to add a new X-band receiver in 22B; there will also be the ultra-wide band receiver but this will probably not be available until 23A. EmmanuelMomjian noted three items for the VLA/VLBA: (1) VLA frequency averaging will be removed (LorantSjouwerman will add a JIRA ticket); (2) VLBA TJ box with other HSA stations will be removed; and (3) VLBA help on the General page will be removed (MarkClaussen will add a JIRA ticket). AnandCrossley asked why the account tickets were not completed in 22A. DanaBalser recalled that while these tickets were on the list they were below the 2 week time threshold; that is, they could get done if we made good progress.

-- DanaBalser - 2021-08-05

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