Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 23 July 2020


NRAO Zoom 05


  • 20B
    • VLBA in Active Triggered/Large Pages (Mark C.)
  • 21A
    • User Helpdesk Tickets (Lorant, Anand)
    • PST Review Tickets Status (Rick, Lorant)
    • SRP Recruitment (Mark C., Amy)
  • User Committee Report (Dale, Toney)
    • Text from UC Report: "Most of the time allocation process was fairly routine. The committee had asked in the past for a breakdown not just of oversubscription by proposal number, but also by time requested. It appeared that the data had not been collected in a consistent manner for these two ways of looking at the oversubscription. In particular, the committee was curious about why the GBT oversubscription oscillated strongly in hours, but not in proposal number. Regardless of the metric, oversubscription rates appear to be somewhat higher to much higher than on NOAO facilities."
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, HeidiMedlin, MarkClaussen, RickLively, LorantSjouwerman, EmmanuelMomjian, DalFrail, ToneyMinter, BarryClark, AmyMioduszewski, AnandCrossley

  • 20B
    • VLBA in Active Triggered/Large Pages. MarkClaussen reported no progress on this item since last week. The most important thing is to update the active triggered page. HeidiMedlin said she would help.
  • 21A
    • User Helpdesk Tickets.
      • PST Tickets: LorantSjouwerman reported that we had about 7 new tickets over the past week. These were mostly clarifications but there were two more serious issues. (1) GBT Resource: A user was not able to enter a valid integration time when using ARGUS/VEGAS. ToneyMinter and DanaBalser were able to reproduce the problem. We agreed to work on this in 21B and for now have the user enter an integration time that works and note the true integration time in the technical justification. RickLively will create a ticket for this bug and move it to 21B. ToneyMinter will respond accordingly to the helpdesk ticket. (2) GOST Availibility: a user does not have access to java and therefore cannot use GOST. LorantSjouwerman suggested two options: he will create the GOST screen shot for them (if easy), or have them use the RCT and add a link. EmmanuelMomjian also suggested we could give them an NRAO user account (or they may have one already). LorantSjouwerman will take the ticket.
      • Account Tickets: AnandCrossley reported an increase in institution requests over the past week, which is typical. No major issues.
    • PST Review Tickets Status. We discussed the following tickets.
      • SSA-6236 TJ cues in review page: This needs some minor updates.
      • SSA-2845 PST: Proposal Changes during Review: DanaBalser will update the description to include the ability to change the technical review assignment after we move into the Accepting Review stage. We discussed this functionality in some detail. ToneyMinter noted that he creates the technical groups at the end since he needs to figure out who can review the proposal first. RickLively noted that he can always assign a temporary category first. He has tested this and thinks it should work okay. DanaBalser will perform the following tests: (1) change the technical category and see if this is reflected on Proposal List-->Proposal-->Review; and (2) work with RickLivey to clear out the complete flag to test this on Reivew-->My Reviews.
      • SSA-5780 Bugs when assigning conflicts for reviewers: RickLively reported some work on this item and will coordinate with DanaBalser on how to test.
      • SSA-3470 SRP panel page showing duplicate entries for Admin: RickLivey reported some work on this item, but the fix is not obvious.
    • SRP Recruitment. MarkClaussen reported that we are done with recruitment and he sent around the gender equity stats. DanaBalser noted we had one SRP with no males and two SRPs with only one female. AmyMioduszewski noted that she had to recruite PCO at the last moment. We agreed overall the stats look good and that within a specific SRP it is hard to balance everything since there are many things to consider besides gender.
  • User Committee Report. DaleFrail summerized the issue. ToneyMinter noted that the fluctuations are due to one Large proposal which involves drift scans during maintenance time. If approved the hours replaces shutdown time. The large postive spikes in the plot of requested hours/approved hours occur when this proposal is not approved. There was some confusion as to how shutdown hours were being counted. AnandCrossley noted that there was not much shutdown time over the past 13 months. ToneyMinter noted that the shutdown time was reduced this summer because of COVID-19---no painting. AnandCrossley will follow up on this issue to make sure that he and ToneyMinter are consistent in how they are defining these hours.
  • AOB
    • Archival Proposals: DaleFrail reported that the User Committee has strongly advocated that we have resources for achival research. ALMA has moved forward on this and there was a suggestion to have these proposals go through the existing SRP/TAC process. We agreed to discuss this at the next TTA meeting.

-- DanaBalser - 2020-07-17

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