Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 22 March 2018


CV-331/AOC-152/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 18B
    • SRP Telecons (Dana, Mark C., Amy, JJ)
    • PHT Status (Rick)
    • Large Proposal Telecon (Dana)
  • 19A
    • PST Requirements (Dana)
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment (Dana)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, JaredCrossley, JessicaUtley, GarethHunt, LewisBall, BarryClark, RickLively, MarkClaussen, LorantSjouwerman, HeidiMedlin, ToneyMinter

  • 18B
    • SRP Telecons. The last telecon is Friday (tomorrow). Overall they have gone okay but there was some initial confusion by some chairs at the start with the new way of assigning reviews. LewisBall suggested that NRAO should set the date to declare conflicts instead of the chair to get the ball rolling sooner. There were three major issues. (1) An SRP member was able to enter a review via file import for a review type of None. This caused problems with normalizing the score; RickLively had to zero these out. (2) An SRP chair assigned a review to themselves on a proposal with no panel conflicts. In the past this was not possible and the software trapped this case during normalization by putting in a zero score. (3) GarethHunt developed software to flag reviewers who inverted the direction of their score. The code flagged three possible reviewers who had narrow ranges, but upon inspection it was not clear there were any issues. It turned out that 1 of the 3 had indeed inverted their score. This was discovered during the first telecon. LewisBall suggested we could have the PST bring up a pop-up window as the reviewer completes their reviews that shows the best and worst proposals. They would then have to click ok before proceeding. DanaBalser will create a JIRA ticket. There were many conflicts in the ETP SRP, including the chair, and DanaBalser will ask for one of the ETP SRP members to fill in for the chair during the TAC meeting to discuss the competing GW proposals.
    • PHT Status. RickLively reported that there has not been much PHT work. He will work with BarryClark to check that the pre-committed time is done correctly in the PHT when importing 18B.
    • Large Proposal Telecon. We briefly discussed the need for a Large proposal telecon. ToneyMinter suggested earlier that we might consider including the Triggered proposals but we agreed that this would probably be better face-to-face. JessicaUtley will setup a Doodle poll for the TAC members.
  • 19A
    • PST Requirements. We agreed to have the PST 19A requirements meeting on 5 April. RickLively will organize tickets in the PST and send out the link earlier in the week before the meeting. Please have any major telescope resource items before the meeting. Time permitting we will also discuss any PST 19A review items; these do not need to be released until after the deadline.
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment. LewisBall will recruit TAC members (3 vacancies) after the SRP telecons. MarkClaussen will coordinate with AmyMioduszewski and BrianMason to start recruiting the SRP members (6 vacancies). MarkClaussen will complete the volunteer reviewer web form by 5 April for discussion at the TTA meeting.
  • AOB
    • X-proposals. LewisBall reported that after discussion with the User Committee that we will have two pre-announcements of the call for intent of X-proposals. Tentatively the call for intent will go out 1 June 2018 with a deadline of 11 July 2018. Both GBO and LBO will be included. We should also advertise at the AAS meeting.
    • TTA Meeting. No meeting next week. The next TTA meeting will be 05 April 2018.

-- DanaBalser - 2018-03-21

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