Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 21 May 2020


NRAO Zoom 05


  • 20B
    • Science Program (Dana)
    • Disposition Letters/Time to PST (Amy, Mark C., Rick)
    • Public Bit (Rick)
    • Active Triggered/Large (Amy)
    • Newsletter (Dana, Dale)
  • 21A
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, AnandCrossley, RickLively, EmmanuelMomjian, HeidiMedlin, BarryClark, MarkClaussen, LorantSjouwerman, AmyMioduszewski, GarethHunt

  • 20B
    • Science Program. BarryClark and AmyMioduszewski reported one email with issues about the dispositions. There was one target which is bad for high frequency in 20B. This should not be a problem in terms of the science program. DanaBalser will publish the NRAO science program.
    • Disposition Letters/Time to PST. AmyMioduszewski and MarkClaussen will push the PHT button to move the disposition letters and time to the PST for the VLA and VLBA, respectively. RickLively will fetch the GBT dispostion letters and copy them to the PST; he has already tested this from home. AnandCrossley will send RickLively a file of the GBT time and he will consider how best to upload these into the PST.
    • Public Bit. Once time has been updated in the PST, RickLively will set the public bit so that this information is visible in the PFT.
    • Active Triggered/Large. AmyMioduszewski and MarkClaussen have updated the Large proposals page. HeidiMedlin has updated the VLA triggered proposals. She will work with MarkClaussen to add the VLBA proposals to this page and change the name of the page.
    • Newsletter. DanaBalser reported that he and DaleFrail converged on the 20B article to appear in the June ENews.
  • 21A
    • Timeline. We discussed the 21A timeline. LorantSjouwerman felt that many of our colleagues need to know the results of their proposal at least a week before the NSF grants deadline (16 Nov 2020). There were several places in the schedule that we may be able to compress: (1) Between the Large Proposal telecon and the TAC meeting; and (2) Between the Directors' Review and sending the disposition letters. DanaBalser will work on adjusting the schedule and send this to the TTA list.
    • PST CfP Ticket Status. RickLively reported that he has four tickets ready on webtest, two tickets are close to being done, one ticket that he has not started, and three tickets that he may have time to work on (bugs). LorantSjouwerman noted that he has added a ticket (6353) to add a technical justification textbox about sub-arrays. We agreed this was more important than fixing the bugs, which are open-ended and have been worked on before. RickLively reported that progress has been slow since he needs to submit changes to webtest before testing himself; that is, he cannot do this locally. We agreed this needs to be fixed for the next semester. We agreed to use the 4 June 2020 TTA meeting slot to discuss and set the PST/PHT review priorities for 21A. RickLively will coordinate with LorantSjouwerman and AmyMioduszewski and create a JIRA filter for the PST and PHT. AnandCrossley will send RickLively the metrics ticket which we agreed to work on during the reivew period.
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment. MarkClaussen reported no progress on his end, but BrianMason recruited one SRP member. We did receive about 20 volunteers, presumably due to the recent ENews article. AmyMioduszewski reported that she has some invitations out (and some rejections).

-- DanaBalser - 2020-05-18

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