Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 21 January 2021


NRAO Zoom 05


  • 21B
    • Helpdesk
      • Proposal Tickets (Lorant)
      • Account Tickets (Anand)
      • Functionality (Lorant, Heidi)
    • PST/PHT Review Tickets Status (Rick)
    • SRP Recruitment (Mark C., Amy)
  • DDT Priorities (Anand)
  • Scheduling Priority C Minus (Dana)
  • GOST-->RCT (Lorant)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, RickLively, HeidiMedlin, TrishHenning, EmmanuelMomjian, ToneyMinter, BarryClark, LorantSjouwerman, AmyMioduszewski, MarkClaussen, AnandCrossley, ReidGivens

  • Introductions. RickLively introduced ReidGivens to the TTA group.
  • 21B
    • Helpdesk
      • Proposal Tickets. LorantSjouwerman reported that a few tickets have been submitted; the only major issue is a problem with copying VLBA proposals. RickLively noted that this was a result of the resource change and there is a fix on webtest. DanaBalser and LorantSjouwerman will test this and the plan is to release it on webtest COB today. We should also test if a user can unselect resources when copying (need to first unselect sessions).
      • Account Tickets. AnandCrossley reported that we are receiving the typical number of institution requests. He has not, however, received any password reset requests which is rather unusual. Such tickets should automatically be submitted to Deskpro when a user emails udb-admin. HediMedlin noticed that Deskpro is throwing these tickets into the recycle bin. She will transfer these to Account Management. AnandCrossely will email ChrisObrien.
      • Functionality. MarkClaussen and ToneyMinter reported that they are having problems loading Deskpro after login. This can take up to 10 minutes and sometimes never loads. ChrisObrien has been contacted. LorantSjouwerman reported that there are several pending proposal tickets that should be addressed.
    • PST/PHT Review Tickets Status. RickLively reported that he is working on the disposition letters ticket. We agreed to use the astro cloud for sharing. Some proposals do not have dispositioin letters and we should identify these cases for future reference.
    • SRP Recruitment. MarkClaussen reported that we are done; he sent around an email with the gender statistics. We confirmed that the PST database will be updated with the 21B reviewers before we need to present gender statistics results to various groups (e.g., SRP meetings), that the supplemental reviewers are handled properly, and that we capture gender info for submitted proposals.
  • DDT Priorities. AnandCrossley noted that DDT priorities are typically set but only recently have these been entered into the database. Historical DDT priority information is contained in email archives, etc. We therefore agreed not to update the priorites for past DDT proposals. When producing metrics with historical data we need to be careful. For example, in past DDT reports we have compared DDT and Regular approved fractions inconsistently.
  • Scheduling Priority C Minus. No discussion.
  • GOST-->RCT. No discussion.

-- DanaBalser - 2021-01-13

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