Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 18 November 2021


NRAO Zoom 05



Attending: DanaBalser, HeidiMedlin, RickLively, AllisonCosta, BarryClark, MarkClaussen, ToneyMinter, AmyMioduszewski, LorantSjouwerman, GarethHunt

  • 22A
    • Disposition Letters. The letters were sent out on time. AmyMioduszewski reported that one VLA letter was not sent due to a defunct NRAO email address (this happened last semester). For invalid external emails the letters are sent and we get a bounce. RickLively thinks this is not related to the PHT and a CIS behavior. AmyMioduszewski will submit a helpdesk ticket.
    • Science Program. DanaBalser and ToneyMinter reported that the NRAO and GBO science programs, respectively, are now public.
    • Transfer Disposition Letter/Time to PST. AmyMioduszewski, MarkClaussen, and RickLively reported that all disposition letters and time were transfered to the PST.
    • Set Public Bit. RickLively reported that the public bit was set and he and DanaBalser noted that the 22A proposals are visible in the PHT.
    • Update Active Triggered/Large Pages. AmyMioduszewski and MarkClaussen reported that the VLA and VLBA Large proposal pages, respectivley, have been updated. HeidiMedlin reported that the Active Triggered page has been updated; MarkClaussen still needs to do some work (e.g., update dates, etc.).
    • eNews. DanaBalser reported that an eNews article about the 22A proposal results has been submitted to MarkAdams and will go out next month.
    • GBT Pressure. ToneyMinter reported a mistake in the GBT available time. This has been corrected on various web pages and reports. The pressure goes from 1.1 to 1.3.
  • GBT Special Call. ToneyMinter briefly summarized the special GBT call for proposals. The plan is for users to submit proposals for 22B via the PST and then before the normal 22B CfP he will change these to 22A. There will be a keyword in the title so these can be trapped by metrics.
  • 22B
    • Timeline. We briefly discussed the timeline. No issues except for the TAC meeting which was pushed back one week due to the ALMA proposal deadline. There is a GBT workshop being planned for the week of 25-29 April (exact dates TBD). We cannot push the TAC meeting earlier due to the ALMA deadline and if we push the TAC meeting later we will delay the process by two weeks. We agreed that DanaBalser will send the current timeline to the TAC for comment with these caveats.
    • CfPs Template. DanaBalser reported that he has drafted the Introduction, News & Opportunities, and Joint Proposal sections. The plan is to have the text finalized by COB, 17 December 2021.
    • PST CfP Items. RickLively reported that most high/medium level tickets are on webtest. He will also try to get a few of the Account tickets on webtest. We will not release these to general testing as we have sometimes done in the past. If you own the ticket please start testing.
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment. MarkClaussen reported that he has recruited the AGN chair. Still working on the GWT chair. (He has told the new SRP chair that we plan to hold a new SRP chair training meeting. We discussed the time to hold the training and agreed sometime near mid-January would probably work best. DanaBalser will contact the TAC chair.) AmyMioduszewski reported that she has several invitations outstanding.
    • SRP/TAC eNews. MarkClaussen reported that we will send out an eNews article next month, which is essentially the same as the previous article, about volunteering to be a reviewer.
  • AGN SRP. AllieCosta reported that dividing the AGN into radio loud and quiet seems to divide past proposals into roughly equal parts when parsing via various keywords. BarryClark got similar results by inspecting 22A. He will suggest names (three letters) and short descriptions for these two new SPRs.
  • AOB
    • PST Review Items: LorantSjouwerman noted that we need to prioritize the PST review requirements. He will send around a JIRA link. We agreed to discuss these at the next TTA meeting (2 December 2021) and then finalize the list on 9 December 2021.

-- DanaBalser - 2021-11-08
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