Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 18 June 2020


NRAO Zoom 05


  • 20B
    • VLBA in Active Triggered/Large Pages (Mark C.)
  • 21A
    • Call for Proposals
      • NRAO (Dana, Dale, Emmanuel, Mark C.)
      • GBO (Toney)
    • PST CfP Ticket Status
      • 21A (Rick, Lorant)
      • FY21 (Lorant, Emmanuel)
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment (Mark C., Amy, Dale)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, ToneyMinter, MarkClaussen, BarryClark, HeidiMedlin, AmyMioduszewski, LorantSjouwerman, RickLively, NathanHertz, EmmanuelMomjian

  • Introductions. RickLively introduced NathanHertz to the TTA group.
  • 20B
    • VLBA in Active Triggered/Large Pages. MarkClaussen reported that he has not gotten to this yet.
  • 21A
    • Call for Proposals
      • NRAO. DanaBalser reported that the CfP text should be finalzed by 26 June 2020. DanaBalser and DaleFrail have iterated on the Introduction, News & Opportunities, and Joint Proposals pages. We briefly discussed the Extra-Large Proposals section in News & Opportunities. EmmanuelMomjian noted that we have not officially accepted the X-proposal; there is language in the VLA page (fourth paragraph) that could be used. DanaBalser will modify the text and send to DaleFrail for review. AmyMioduszewski noted that the disposition of the X-proposal is required before the VLA Prioritizer is run for the 21A proposals; she will contact DaleFrail. DanaBalser noted that the X-proposal is listed in the PFT (for some time) and we agreed this was appropriate since the project was given some time. EmmanuelMomjian reported that with help from MarkClaussen he was alble to complete the draft of the VLA page. AmyMioduszewski will send the pressure plots soon. MarkClaussen reported that he has not done much yet with the VLBA page; EmmanuelMomjian will help.
      • GBO. ToneyMinter reported that a draft of the GBO CfP has been sent to the staff; he will send DanaBalser a copy.
    • PST CfP Ticket Status
      • 21A. RickLively reported that we are in pretty good shape. We briefly discussed the following items:
        • SSA-6348 Joint GBT SOFIA proposal: RickLively needs to add a validation check for zero time.
        • SSA-6267 New GBT Large Proposal Constraints: DanaBalser summarized some problems with the current implementation on webtest (see the ticket for details). ToneyMinter confirmed that he saw the same behavior.
        • SSA-6266 Redo Station Selection for GMVA: RickLively noted that he just needs to prevent copying of resources from old proposals.
        • SSA-5822 Make "Elevation" and "Season" blank by default in ECT: RickLively reported there are some issues here. We agreed to move this to 21B and work on SSA-6459 (see below) instead.
        • SSA-6462 PST 4,4P line and pulsar resource options should be unavailable: LorantSjouwerman reported one minor issue that the drop down menu should only allow continuum to be selected (the others should be grayed out).
      • FY21. LorantSjouwerman noted that during a prioritization meeting some PST work was dicsussed and there was some confusion about the timeline. For example, we need to start offering the simultaneous use of LWA with VLA in proposals. These item should be include for discssion in 21B, however, and he has added them to the PST-DISCUSS filter. ToneyMinter received a recent request to remove the radar backend from the GBT resources (SSA-6459). It would be good to do this for 21A if possible. We agreed to complete this ticket instead of continued work on the ECT ticket. We also briefly discussed future work on the ECT. EmmanuelMomjian summarized the issue: we need to include more flexibility with the session length and shorten the cycle time for amplitude and phase calibration (e.g., this will increase the overhead time in the calculator). Several people noted, however, that given that the rms goes as the sqrt(t) this does not have a huge effect.
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment. MarkClaussen reported some progress with his panels (couple of vacancies filled and some more invitations emailed). AmyMioduszewski reported little progress for her over the past week. DanaBalser reported that DaleFrail filled the SSP chair vacancy.

-- DanaBalser - 2020-06-17
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