Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 16 November 2017


CV-331/AOC-152/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 18A
    • TAC Report/Disposition Letters (Dana)
    • Science Program (Dana)
    • Transfer Disposition Letters (Rick)
    • Public Bit (Rick)
    • Active Triggered / Large Proposal Pages (Heidi, Amy)
    • eNews Article (Lewis, Dana)
  • 18B
    • PST Status (Rick, Jim, Dana)
    • Call for Proposals (Dana)
    • SRP Recruitment (Mark C., Amy)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, LewisBall, GarethHunt, BarryClark, RickLively, JamesSheckard, MarkClaussen, AmyMioduszewski, LorantSjouwerman

  • 18A
    • TAC Report/Disposition Letters. The TAC reports have been published and the Disposition letters have been sent. No major technical issues. There were fewer bounces than usual. Some interesting feedback on one proposal where the linear rank has varied quite a bit over about 5 semesters and the PI claimed that the proposal did not change much. Not too surprising given that there is a lot of noise in the system but we should investigate. Some feedback with a long standing proposal that did not get approved in 18A. BarryClark noticed that the time granted at the top of the Disposition letter did not include time for future semesters; he will investigate.
    • Science Program. ToneyMinter reports the GBO science program is in good shape. DanaBalser produced drafts for NRAO and LBO. MarkClaussen and AmyMioduszewski noticed that the time is incorrect for most carryover proposals. These have been fixed. DanaBalser will submit a JIRA ticket with some examples. The plan is to publish these on Monday once the Disposition letters have been transferred and the public bit is set.
    • Transfer Disposition Letters. RickLively will push the button in the PHT to transfer the VLA and VLBA/GMVA letters, and he will extract the GBT ones from the GB PHT and upload them into the PST.
    • Public Bit. RickLively will flip the public bit for VLA/VLBA/GMVA; this has already been done for the GBT.
    • Active Triggered / Large Proposal Pages. BarryClark will update the Active Triggered page and AmyMioduszewski will update the VLA page. MarkClaussen will update the corresponding pages for the VLBA.
    • eNews Article. LewisBall reported that an article about the 18A review has been send to MarkAdams. He will send this to KarenONeil and WalterBrisken for review; there is still time to make changes if, for example, they want to include info from the other telescopes. ToneyMinter reported that a GBO eNews will go out in December/January. MarkClaussen will check if an LBO eNews will be sent.
  • 18B
    • PST Status. RickLively summarized the status for 18B. Most items have been completed and tested. There was some discussion about SSA-3777 (Old SUBMITTED Proposals can be edited). The goal was to allow PST admins to edit submitted proposals, but to prevent regular users from making any changes. RickLively thinks the latter is now working, and that the problems with the former had to do with the differences in the code in dealing with the My Proposal page versus the Proposal List page. DanaBalser will confirm. DanaBalser will release for general testing.
    • Call for Proposals. A reminder that the Call for Proposals is 3 January. DavisMurphy will create a template for NRAO and LBO. All text must be finalized by Monday, 18 December, 5 pm EST.
    • SRP Recruitment. MarkClaussen and AmyMioduszewski reported that some progress has been made but there is still a lot to do and most of the vacancies have not been filled yet. LewisBall asked that the google doc be updated when new people are recruited so we can monitor the progress.

-- DanaBalser - 2017-11-10

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